Version: 3.0.2
wxGUIEventLoop Class Reference

#include <wx/evtloop.h>

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Detailed Description

A generic implementation of the GUI event loop.

Library:  wxBase
Category:  Application and Process Management

Public Member Functions

 wxGUIEventLoop ()
virtual ~wxGUIEventLoop ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxEventLoopBase
bool IsMain () const
 Returns true if this is the main loop executed by wxApp::OnRun().
virtual int Run ()=0
 Start the event loop, return the exit code when it is finished.
bool IsRunning () const
 Return true if this event loop is currently running.
virtual bool IsOk () const
 Use this to check whether the event loop was successfully created before using it.
virtual void Exit (int rc=0)
 Exit the currently running loop with the given exit code.
virtual void ScheduleExit (int rc=0)=0
 Schedule an exit from the loop with the given exit code.
virtual bool Pending () const =0
 Return true if any events are available.
virtual bool Dispatch ()=0
 Dispatches the next event in the windowing system event queue.
virtual int DispatchTimeout (unsigned long timeout)=0
 Dispatch an event but not wait longer than the specified timeout for it.
virtual void WakeUp ()=0
 Called by wxWidgets to wake up the event loop even if it is currently blocked inside Dispatch().
virtual void WakeUpIdle ()
 Makes sure that idle events are sent again.
virtual bool ProcessIdle ()
 This virtual function is called when the application becomes idle and normally just sends wxIdleEvent to all interested parties.
virtual bool IsYielding () const
 Returns true if called from inside Yield() or from inside YieldFor().
bool Yield (bool onlyIfNeeded=false)
 Yields control to pending messages in the windowing system.
bool YieldFor (long eventsToProcess)
 Works like Yield() with onlyIfNeeded == true, except that it allows the caller to specify a mask of the wxEventCategory values which indicates which events should be processed and which should instead be "delayed" (i.e.
virtual bool IsEventAllowedInsideYield (wxEventCategory cat) const
 Returns true if the given event category is allowed inside a YieldFor() call (i.e.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from wxEventLoopBase
static wxEventLoopBaseGetActive ()
 Return the currently active (running) event loop.
static void SetActive (wxEventLoopBase *loop)
 Set currently active (running) event loop.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from wxEventLoopBase
virtual void OnExit ()
 This function is called before the event loop terminates, whether this happens normally (because of Exit() call) or abnormally (because of an exception thrown from inside the loop).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxGUIEventLoop::wxGUIEventLoop ( )
virtual wxGUIEventLoop::~wxGUIEventLoop ( )