Version: 3.0.2
wxPersistentTLW Class Reference

#include <wx/persist/toplevel.h>

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Detailed Description

Persistence adapter for wxTopLevelWindow.

This adapter saves and restores the geometry (i.e. position and size) and the state (iconized, maximized or normal) of top level windows. It can be used with both wxFrame and wxDialog.

Note that it does not save nor restore the window visibility.

Public Member Functions

 wxPersistentTLW (wxTopLevelWindow *book)
virtual void Save () const
 Save the current window geometry.
virtual bool Restore ()
 Restore the window geometry.
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxPersistentWindow< wxTopLevelWindow >
 wxPersistentWindow (WindowType *win)
 Constructor for a persistent window object.
WindowTypeGet () const
virtual wxString GetName () const
 Implements the base class pure virtual method using wxWindow::GetName().
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxPersistentObject
 wxPersistentObject (void *obj)
 Constructor takes the object which we're associated with.
virtual ~wxPersistentObject ()
 Trivial but virtual destructor.
void * GetObject () const
 Return the associated object.
virtual wxString GetKind () const =0
 Returns the string uniquely identifying the objects supported by this adapter.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from wxPersistentWindow< wxTopLevelWindow >
typedef wxTopLevelWindow WindowType
 The type of the associated window.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from wxPersistentObject
template<typename T >
bool SaveValue (const wxString &name, T value) const
 Save the specified value using the given name.
template<typename T >
bool RestoreValue (const wxString &name, T *value)
 Restore the value saved by Save().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxPersistentTLW::wxPersistentTLW ( wxTopLevelWindow book)


bookThe associated window.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool wxPersistentTLW::Restore ( )

Restore the window geometry.

Implements wxPersistentObject.

virtual void wxPersistentTLW::Save ( ) const

Save the current window geometry.

Implements wxPersistentObject.