Version: 3.0.2
gbsizer.h File Reference


class  wxGBPosition
 This class represents the position of an item in a virtual grid of rows and columns managed by a wxGridBagSizer. More...
class  wxGridBagSizer
 A wxSizer that can lay out items in a virtual grid like a wxFlexGridSizer but in this case explicit positioning of the items is allowed using wxGBPosition, and items can optionally span more than one row and/or column using wxGBSpan. More...
class  wxGBSizerItem
 The wxGBSizerItem class is used by the wxGridBagSizer for tracking the items in the sizer. More...
class  wxGBSpan
 This class is used to hold the row and column spanning attributes of items in a wxGridBagSizer. More...


const wxGBSpan wxDefaultSpan

Variable Documentation

const wxGBSpan wxDefaultSpan