4.2. An informal table

The structure of an informal table is similar to that of a normal table, but is has no title. Therefore, we present in Example 4.2 how such a table can be marked up. In most cases this example is rich enough to let you construct most of your real-life table.

Example 4.2. A simple informal table (no title)

  1 <informaltable frame="all">
    <tgroup cols="4">
  5       <entry><emphasis>Title column 1</emphasis></entry>
          <entry><emphasis>Title column 2</emphasis></entry>
          <entry><emphasis>Title column 3</emphasis></entry>
          <entry><emphasis>Title column 4</emphasis></entry>
 10   </thead>
          <entry>Row 1 column 1</entry><entry>Row 1 column 2</entry>
          <entry>Row 1 column 3</entry><entry>Row 1 column 4</entry>
 15     </row>
          <entry>Row 2 column 1</entry><entry>Row 2 column 2</entry>
          <entry>Row 2 column 3</entry><entry>Row 2 column 4</entry>
 20     <row>
          <entry>Row 3 column 1</entry><entry>Row 3 column 2</entry>
          <entry>Row 3 column 3</entry><entry>Row 3 column 4</entry>
 25 </tgroup>

Title column 1Title column 2Title column 3Title column 4
Row 1 column 1Row 1 column 2Row 1 column 3Row 1 column 4
Row 2 column 1Row 2 column 2Row 2 column 3Row 2 column 4
Row 3 column 1Row 3 column 2Row 3 column 3Row 3 column 4