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When saving a project that depends on other audio files

If you import uncompressed files into your project with Import / Export Preferences set to "Read uncompressed audio files directly from the original (faster)", you create a dependency on those files remaining accessible. This option decides what happens if you then attempt to save that dependent project.

  • Always copy all audio into project: All imported files that your project depends on will be copied automatically into the saved project. You can then safely move, rename or delete those imported files if you wish.
  • Do not copy any audio: Every project will be saved automatically, but will always depend on the continued presence of the imported files. You must not move, rename or delete those files, or the folder they are in.
  • Ask User: The Dependencies Dialog will appear every time the project depends on imported files. This allows you to choose which if any of the dependent files should be copied into the project before saving it.
You can check at any time if your project depends on imported files, and copy them in if desired. To do this, click File > Check Dependencies... to bring up Dependencies Dialog.
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