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Many commands in Audacity appear in one of the menus and are documented on the following pages.

Other functions can be found in Toolbars or run by using the appropriate keyboard shortcut listed in Keyboard Shortcut Reference. Shortcuts can be changed or added in Keyboard Preferences.

Menu What you'll find there
Audacity (Mac Only) About Audacity, Preferences, System Services, Show and Hide Audacity and other applications, and Quit.
File Working with Audacity project files and other audio files.
Edit Altering the audio in your project.
View Change Zoom levels. Show clipping, Undo History, Mixer Board, Toolbars and Karaoke window.
Transport Control recording and playback.
Tracks Adding, aligning and labeling audio tracks.
Generate Creating new audio in your project. Audio generating plug-ins will also appear here.
Effect Processing the audio in your project. External Effects plug-ins will also appear in this menu.
Analyze Analyzing the audio in your project. External plug-ins that act on audio but don't produce audio output will appear here, as well as tools like Silence Finder and spectrograms.
Window (Mac Only) Minimize and zoom windows, choose the project window to bring to the front.
Help Short and detailed Help documents; license, build and audio device information.
Help Location