Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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acpi_bus.h File Reference
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <acpi/acpi.h>

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Data Structures

struct  acpi_handle_list


#define ACPI_MAX_HANDLES   10


acpi_status acpi_extract_package (union acpi_object *package, struct acpi_buffer *format, struct acpi_buffer *buffer)
acpi_status acpi_evaluate_integer (acpi_handle handle, acpi_string pathname, struct acpi_object_list *arguments, unsigned long long *data)
acpi_status acpi_evaluate_reference (acpi_handle handle, acpi_string pathname, struct acpi_object_list *arguments, struct acpi_handle_list *list)
acpi_status acpi_evaluate_hotplug_ost (acpi_handle handle, u32 source_event, u32 status_code, struct acpi_buffer *status_buf)
acpi_status acpi_get_physical_device_location (acpi_handle handle, struct acpi_pld_info **pld)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ACPI_MAX_HANDLES   10

Definition at line 34 of file acpi_bus.h.

Function Documentation

acpi_status acpi_evaluate_hotplug_ost ( acpi_handle  handle,
u32  source_event,
u32  status_code,
struct acpi_buffer status_buf 

acpi_evaluate_hotplug_ost: Evaluate _OST for hotplug operations : ACPI device handle : source event code : status code : optional detailed information (NULL if none)

Evaluate _OST for hotplug operations. All ACPI hotplug handlers must call this function when evaluating _OST for hotplug operations. When the platform does not support _OST, this function has no effect.

Definition at line 431 of file utils.c.

acpi_status acpi_evaluate_integer ( acpi_handle  handle,
acpi_string  pathname,
struct acpi_object_list arguments,
unsigned long long data 

Definition at line 260 of file utils.c.

acpi_status acpi_evaluate_reference ( acpi_handle  handle,
acpi_string  pathname,
struct acpi_object_list arguments,
struct acpi_handle_list list 

Definition at line 294 of file utils.c.

acpi_status acpi_extract_package ( union acpi_object package,
struct acpi_buffer format,
struct acpi_buffer buffer 

Definition at line 57 of file utils.c.

acpi_status acpi_get_physical_device_location ( acpi_handle  handle,
struct acpi_pld_info **  pld 

Definition at line 387 of file utils.c.