Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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appldata.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  appldata_ops


#define APPLDATA_MAX_REC_SIZE   4024 /* Maximum size of the */
#define APPLDATA_MAX_PROCS   100
#define APPLDATA_PROC_NAME_LENGTH   16 /* Max. length of /proc name */
#define APPLDATA_RECORD_MEM_ID   0x01 /* IDs to identify the */
#define APPLDATA_RECORD_OS_ID   0x02 /* individual records, */
#define APPLDATA_RECORD_NET_SUM_ID   0x03 /* must be < 256 ! */
#define CTL_APPLDATA_TIMER   2121 /* sysctl IDs, must be unique */
#define CTL_APPLDATA_MEM   2123
#define CTL_APPLDATA_OS   2124
#define CTL_APPLDATA_NET_SUM   2125
#define CTL_APPLDATA_PROC   2126


int appldata_register_ops (struct appldata_ops *ops)
void appldata_unregister_ops (struct appldata_ops *ops)
int appldata_diag (char record_nr, u16 function, unsigned long buffer, u16 length, char *mod_lvl)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define APPLDATA_MAX_PROCS   100

Definition at line 11 of file appldata.h.

#define APPLDATA_MAX_REC_SIZE   4024 /* Maximum size of the */

Definition at line 9 of file appldata.h.

#define APPLDATA_PROC_NAME_LENGTH   16 /* Max. length of /proc name */

Definition at line 13 of file appldata.h.

#define APPLDATA_RECORD_MEM_ID   0x01 /* IDs to identify the */

Definition at line 15 of file appldata.h.

#define APPLDATA_RECORD_NET_SUM_ID   0x03 /* must be < 256 ! */

Definition at line 17 of file appldata.h.

#define APPLDATA_RECORD_OS_ID   0x02 /* individual records, */

Definition at line 16 of file appldata.h.


Definition at line 18 of file appldata.h.


Definition at line 21 of file appldata.h.

#define CTL_APPLDATA_MEM   2123

Definition at line 22 of file appldata.h.

#define CTL_APPLDATA_NET_SUM   2125

Definition at line 24 of file appldata.h.

#define CTL_APPLDATA_OS   2124

Definition at line 23 of file appldata.h.

#define CTL_APPLDATA_PROC   2126

Definition at line 25 of file appldata.h.

#define CTL_APPLDATA_TIMER   2121 /* sysctl IDs, must be unique */

Definition at line 20 of file appldata.h.

Function Documentation

int appldata_diag ( char  record_nr,
u16  function,
unsigned long  buffer,
u16  length,
char mod_lvl 

Definition at line 140 of file appldata_base.c.

int appldata_register_ops ( struct appldata_ops ops)

Definition at line 379 of file appldata_base.c.

void appldata_unregister_ops ( struct appldata_ops ops)

Definition at line 419 of file appldata_base.c.