Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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pci.h File Reference
#include <linux/ioport.h>

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Data Structures

struct  hw_pci
struct  pci_sys_data


void pci_common_init (struct hw_pci *)
int iop3xx_pci_setup (int nr, struct pci_sys_data *)
void iop3xx_pci_preinit (void)
void iop3xx_pci_preinit_cond (void)
int dc21285_setup (int nr, struct pci_sys_data *)
void dc21285_preinit (void)
void dc21285_postinit (void)
int via82c505_setup (int nr, struct pci_sys_data *)
void via82c505_init (void *sysdata)
int pci_v3_setup (int nr, struct pci_sys_data *)
void pci_v3_preinit (void)
void pci_v3_postinit (void)


struct pci_ops iop3xx_ops
struct pci_ops dc21285_ops
struct pci_ops via82c505_ops
struct pci_ops pci_v3_ops

Function Documentation

void dc21285_postinit ( void  )

Definition at line 377 of file dc21285.c.

void dc21285_preinit ( void  )

Definition at line 290 of file dc21285.c.

int dc21285_setup ( int  nr,
struct pci_sys_data  

Definition at line 254 of file dc21285.c.

void iop3xx_pci_preinit ( void  )

Definition at line 362 of file pci.c.

void iop3xx_pci_preinit_cond ( void  )

Definition at line 353 of file pci.c.

int iop3xx_pci_setup ( int  nr,
struct pci_sys_data  

Definition at line 188 of file pci.c.

void pci_common_init ( struct hw_pci )

Definition at line 498 of file bios32.c.

void pci_v3_postinit ( void  )

Definition at line 584 of file pci_v3.c.

void pci_v3_preinit ( void  )

Definition at line 492 of file pci_v3.c.

int pci_v3_setup ( int  nr,
struct pci_sys_data  

Definition at line 476 of file pci_v3.c.

void via82c505_init ( void sysdata)
int via82c505_setup ( int  nr,
struct pci_sys_data  

Definition at line 80 of file via82c505.c.

Variable Documentation

struct pci_ops dc21285_ops

Definition at line 132 of file dc21285.c.

struct pci_ops iop3xx_ops

Definition at line 163 of file pci.c.

struct pci_ops pci_v3_ops

Definition at line 343 of file pci_v3.c.

struct pci_ops via82c505_ops

Definition at line 54 of file via82c505.c.