Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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common.h File Reference

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#define s5p6440_init_clocks   NULL
#define s5p6440_init_uarts   NULL
#define s5p6440_map_io   NULL
#define s5p64x0_init   NULL
#define s5p6450_init_clocks   NULL
#define s5p6450_init_uarts   NULL
#define s5p6450_map_io   NULL
#define s5p64x0_init   NULL


void s5p6440_init_irq (void)
void s5p6450_init_irq (void)
void s5p64x0_init_io (struct map_desc *mach_desc, int size)
void s5p6440_register_clocks (void)
void s5p6440_setup_clocks (void)
void s5p6450_register_clocks (void)
void s5p6450_setup_clocks (void)
void s5p64x0_restart (char mode, const char *cmd)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define s5p6440_init_clocks   NULL

Definition at line 36 of file common.h.

#define s5p6440_init_uarts   NULL

Definition at line 37 of file common.h.

#define s5p6440_map_io   NULL

Definition at line 38 of file common.h.

#define s5p6450_init_clocks   NULL

Definition at line 51 of file common.h.

#define s5p6450_init_uarts   NULL

Definition at line 52 of file common.h.

#define s5p6450_map_io   NULL

Definition at line 53 of file common.h.

#define s5p64x0_init   NULL

Definition at line 54 of file common.h.

#define s5p64x0_init   NULL

Definition at line 54 of file common.h.

Function Documentation

void s5p6440_init_irq ( void  )

Definition at line 240 of file common.c.

void s5p6440_register_clocks ( void  )

Definition at line 596 of file clock-s5p6440.c.

void s5p6440_setup_clocks ( void  )

Definition at line 529 of file clock-s5p6440.c.

void s5p6450_init_irq ( void  )

Definition at line 255 of file common.c.

void s5p6450_register_clocks ( void  )

Definition at line 661 of file clock-s5p6450.c.

void s5p6450_setup_clocks ( void  )

Definition at line 595 of file clock-s5p6450.c.

void s5p64x0_init_io ( struct map_desc mach_desc,
int  size 

Definition at line 165 of file common.c.

void s5p64x0_restart ( char  mode,
const char cmd 

Definition at line 442 of file common.c.