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generic.h File Reference
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/ioport.h>

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Data Structures

struct  txx9_board_vec


#define TXX9_CE(n)   (unsigned long)(txx9_ce_res[(n)].start)
#define TXX9_IMCLK   (txx9_gbus_clock / 2)


void txx9_reg_res_init (unsigned int pcode, unsigned long base, unsigned long size)
int early_serial_txx9_setup (struct uart_port *port)
const charprom_getenv (const char *name)
void txx9_wdt_init (unsigned long base)
void txx9_wdt_now (unsigned long base)
void txx9_spi_init (int busid, unsigned long base, int irq)
void txx9_ethaddr_init (unsigned int id, unsigned char *ethaddr)
void txx9_sio_init (unsigned long baseaddr, int irq, unsigned int line, unsigned int sclk, int nocts)
void prom_putchar (char c)
void txx9_physmap_flash_init (int no, unsigned long addr, unsigned long size, const struct physmap_flash_data *pdata)
void txx9_iocled_init (unsigned long baseaddr, int basenum, unsigned int num, int lowactive, const char *color, char **deftriggers)
void txx9_7segled_init (unsigned int num, void(*putc)(unsigned int pos, unsigned char val))
int txx9_7segled_putc (unsigned int pos, char c)
void __init txx9_aclc_init (unsigned long baseaddr, int irq, unsigned int dmac_id, unsigned int dma_chan_out, unsigned int dma_chan_in)
void __init txx9_sramc_init (struct resource *r)


struct resource txx9_ce_res []
unsigned int txx9_pcode
char txx9_pcode_str [8]
unsigned int txx9_master_clock
unsigned int txx9_cpu_clock
unsigned int txx9_gbus_clock
int txx9_ccfg_toeon
struct txx9_board_vectxx9_board_vec
int(* txx9_irq_dispatch )(int pending)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define TXX9_CE (   n)    (unsigned long)(txx9_ce_res[(n)].start)

Definition at line 15 of file generic.h.

#define TXX9_IMCLK   (txx9_gbus_clock / 2)

Definition at line 24 of file generic.h.

Function Documentation

int early_serial_txx9_setup ( struct uart_port port)

Definition at line 1008 of file serial_txx9.c.

const char* prom_getenv ( const char name)

Definition at line 41 of file prom.c.

void prom_putchar ( char  c)

Definition at line 56 of file console.c.

void txx9_7segled_init ( unsigned int  num,
void(*)(unsigned int pos, unsigned char val putc 

Definition at line 20 of file 7segled.c.

int txx9_7segled_putc ( unsigned int  pos,
char  c 

Definition at line 29 of file 7segled.c.

void __init txx9_aclc_init ( unsigned long  baseaddr,
int  irq,
unsigned int  dmac_id,
unsigned int  dma_chan_out,
unsigned int  dma_chan_in 

Definition at line 863 of file setup.c.

void txx9_ethaddr_init ( unsigned int  id,
unsigned char ethaddr 

Definition at line 482 of file setup.c.

void txx9_iocled_init ( unsigned long  baseaddr,
int  basenum,
unsigned int  num,
int  lowactive,
const char color,
char **  deftriggers 

Definition at line 802 of file setup.c.

void txx9_physmap_flash_init ( int  no,
unsigned long  addr,
unsigned long  size,
const struct physmap_flash_data pdata 

Definition at line 631 of file setup.c.

void txx9_reg_res_init ( unsigned int  pcode,
unsigned long  base,
unsigned long  size 

Definition at line 54 of file setup.c.

void txx9_sio_init ( unsigned long  baseaddr,
int  irq,
unsigned int  line,
unsigned int  sclk,
int  nocts 

Definition at line 492 of file setup.c.

void txx9_spi_init ( int  busid,
unsigned long  base,
int  irq 

Definition at line 466 of file setup.c.

void __init txx9_sramc_init ( struct resource r)

Definition at line 939 of file setup.c.

void txx9_wdt_init ( unsigned long  base)

Definition at line 441 of file setup.c.

void txx9_wdt_now ( unsigned long  base)

Definition at line 451 of file setup.c.

Variable Documentation

int txx9_ccfg_toeon
struct resource txx9_ce_res[]

Definition at line 43 of file setup.c.

unsigned int txx9_cpu_clock

Definition at line 75 of file setup.c.

unsigned int txx9_gbus_clock

Definition at line 76 of file setup.c.

int(* txx9_irq_dispatch)(int pending)

Definition at line 594 of file setup.c.

unsigned int txx9_master_clock

Definition at line 74 of file setup.c.

unsigned int txx9_pcode

Definition at line 47 of file setup.c.

char txx9_pcode_str[8]

Definition at line 48 of file setup.c.