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bcast.c File Reference
#include "core.h"
#include "link.h"
#include "port.h"
#include "bcast.h"
#include "name_distr.h"

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Data Structures

struct  tipc_bcbearer_pair
struct  tipc_bcbearer
struct  tipc_bclink


#define MAX_PKT_DEFAULT_MCAST   1500 /* bcast link max packet size (fixed) */
#define BCLINK_WIN_DEFAULT   20 /* bcast link window size (default) */


void tipc_bclink_add_node (u32 addr)
void tipc_bclink_remove_node (u32 addr)
u32 tipc_bclink_get_last_sent (void)
struct tipc_nodetipc_bclink_retransmit_to (void)
void tipc_bclink_acknowledge (struct tipc_node *n_ptr, u32 acked)
void tipc_bclink_update_link_state (struct tipc_node *n_ptr, u32 last_sent)
int tipc_bclink_send_msg (struct sk_buff *buf)
void tipc_bclink_recv_pkt (struct sk_buff *buf)
u32 tipc_bclink_acks_missing (struct tipc_node *n_ptr)
void tipc_bcbearer_sort (void)
int tipc_bclink_stats (char *buf, const u32 buf_size)
int tipc_bclink_reset_stats (void)
int tipc_bclink_set_queue_limits (u32 limit)
void tipc_bclink_init (void)
void tipc_bclink_stop (void)
void tipc_nmap_add (struct tipc_node_map *nm_ptr, u32 node)
void tipc_nmap_remove (struct tipc_node_map *nm_ptr, u32 node)
void tipc_port_list_add (struct tipc_port_list *pl_ptr, u32 port)
void tipc_port_list_free (struct tipc_port_list *pl_ptr)


const char tipc_bclink_name [] = "broadcast-link"

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BCLINK_WIN_DEFAULT   20 /* bcast link window size (default) */

Definition at line 46 of file bcast.c.

#define MAX_PKT_DEFAULT_MCAST   1500 /* bcast link max packet size (fixed) */

Definition at line 44 of file bcast.c.

Function Documentation

void tipc_bcbearer_sort ( void  )

tipc_bcbearer_sort - create sets of bearer pairs used by broadcast bearer

Definition at line 650 of file bcast.c.

void tipc_bclink_acknowledge ( struct tipc_node n_ptr,
u32  acked 

tipc_bclink_acknowledge - handle acknowledgement of broadcast packets : node that sent acknowledgement info : broadcast sequence # that has been acknowledged

Node is locked, bc_lock unlocked.

Definition at line 199 of file bcast.c.

u32 tipc_bclink_acks_missing ( struct tipc_node n_ptr)

Definition at line 565 of file bcast.c.

void tipc_bclink_add_node ( u32  addr)

Definition at line 131 of file bcast.c.

u32 tipc_bclink_get_last_sent ( void  )

Definition at line 153 of file bcast.c.

void tipc_bclink_init ( void  )

Definition at line 767 of file bcast.c.

void tipc_bclink_recv_pkt ( struct sk_buff buf)

tipc_bclink_recv_pkt - receive a broadcast packet, and deliver upwards

tipc_net_lock is read_locked, no other locks set

Definition at line 414 of file bcast.c.

void tipc_bclink_remove_node ( u32  addr)

Definition at line 138 of file bcast.c.

int tipc_bclink_reset_stats ( void  )

Definition at line 743 of file bcast.c.

struct tipc_node* tipc_bclink_retransmit_to ( void  )

tipc_bclink_retransmit_to - get most recent node to request retransmission

Called with bc_lock locked

Definition at line 170 of file bcast.c.

int tipc_bclink_send_msg ( struct sk_buff buf)

Definition at line 361 of file bcast.c.

int tipc_bclink_set_queue_limits ( u32  limit)

Definition at line 754 of file bcast.c.

int tipc_bclink_stats ( char buf,
const u32  buf_size 

Definition at line 702 of file bcast.c.

void tipc_bclink_stop ( void  )

Definition at line 785 of file bcast.c.

void tipc_bclink_update_link_state ( struct tipc_node n_ptr,
u32  last_sent 

tipc_bclink_update_link_state - update broadcast link state

tipc_net_lock and node lock set

Definition at line 278 of file bcast.c.

void tipc_nmap_add ( struct tipc_node_map nm_ptr,
u32  node 

tipc_nmap_add - add a node to a node map

Definition at line 799 of file bcast.c.

void tipc_nmap_remove ( struct tipc_node_map nm_ptr,
u32  node 

tipc_nmap_remove - remove a node from a node map

Definition at line 814 of file bcast.c.

void tipc_port_list_add ( struct tipc_port_list pl_ptr,
u32  port 

tipc_port_list_add - add a port to a port list, ensuring no duplicates

Definition at line 857 of file bcast.c.

void tipc_port_list_free ( struct tipc_port_list pl_ptr)

tipc_port_list_free - free dynamically created entries in port_list chain

Definition at line 890 of file bcast.c.

Variable Documentation

const char tipc_bclink_name[] = "broadcast-link"

Definition at line 110 of file bcast.c.