Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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brcms_trace_events.h File Reference
#include <linux/tracepoint.h>
#include "mac80211_if.h"

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#define TRACE_SYSTEM   brcmsmac
#define TRACE_EVENT(name, proto,...)   static inline void trace_ ## name(proto) {}


 TRACE_EVENT (brcms_timer, TP_PROTO(struct brcms_timer *t), TP_ARGS(t), TP_STRUCT__entry(__field(uint, ms) __field(uint, set) __field(uint, periodic)), TP_fast_assign(__entry->ms=t->ms;__entry->set=t->set;__entry->periodic=t->periodic;), TP_printk("ms=%u set=%u periodic=%u", __entry->ms, __entry->set, __entry->periodic))
 TRACE_EVENT (brcms_dpc, TP_PROTO(unsigned long data), TP_ARGS(data), TP_STRUCT__entry(__field(unsigned long, data)), TP_fast_assign(__entry->data=data;), TP_printk("data=%p",(void *) __entry->data))

Macro Definition Documentation


Definition at line 22 of file brcms_trace_events.h.

#define TRACE_EVENT (   name,
)    static inline void trace_ ## name(proto) {}

Definition at line 29 of file brcms_trace_events.h.

#define TRACE_SYSTEM   brcmsmac

Definition at line 18 of file brcms_trace_events.h.

Function Documentation

TRACE_EVENT ( brcms_timer  ,
TP_PROTO(struct brcms_timer *t ,
TP_STRUCT__entry(__field(uint, ms) __field(uint, set) __field(uint, periodic))  ,
TP_fast_assign(__entry->ms=t->ms;__entry->set=t->set;__entry->periodic=t->periodic;)  ,
TP_printk("ms=%u set=%u periodic=%u", __entry->ms, __entry->set, __entry->periodic)   
TRACE_EVENT ( brcms_dpc  ,
TP_PROTO(unsigned long data ,
TP_ARGS(data ,
TP_STRUCT__entry(__field(unsigned long, data))  ,
TP_fast_assign(__entry->data=data;)  ,
TP_printk("data=%p",(void *) __entry->data