Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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ctsrc.c File Reference
#include "ctsrc.h"
#include "cthardware.h"
#include <linux/slab.h>

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#define SRC_RESOURCE_NUM   256


int src_mgr_create (void *hw, struct src_mgr **rsrc_mgr)
int src_mgr_destroy (struct src_mgr *src_mgr)
int srcimp_mgr_create (void *hw, struct srcimp_mgr **rsrcimp_mgr)
int srcimp_mgr_destroy (struct srcimp_mgr *srcimp_mgr)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SRC_RESOURCE_NUM   256

Copyright (C) 2008, Creative Technology Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

This source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions). See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source distribution for the license terms and conditions.


This file contains the implementation of the Sample Rate Convertor resource management object.

Liu Chun May 13 2008

Definition at line 23 of file ctsrc.c.


Definition at line 24 of file ctsrc.c.

Function Documentation

int src_mgr_create ( void hw,
struct src_mgr **  rsrc_mgr 

Definition at line 546 of file ctsrc.c.

int src_mgr_destroy ( struct src_mgr src_mgr)

Definition at line 585 of file ctsrc.c.

int srcimp_mgr_create ( void hw,
struct srcimp_mgr **  rsrcimp_mgr 

Definition at line 828 of file ctsrc.c.

int srcimp_mgr_destroy ( struct srcimp_mgr srcimp_mgr)

Definition at line 872 of file ctsrc.c.