Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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card.c File Reference
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/ctype.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/pnp.h>
#include <linux/dma-mapping.h>
#include "base.h"

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 LIST_HEAD (pnp_cards)
struct pnp_cardpnp_alloc_card (struct pnp_protocol *protocol, int id, char *pnpid)
int pnp_add_card (struct pnp_card *card)
void pnp_remove_card (struct pnp_card *card)
int pnp_add_card_device (struct pnp_card *card, struct pnp_dev *dev)
void pnp_remove_card_device (struct pnp_dev *dev)
struct pnp_devpnp_request_card_device (struct pnp_card_link *clink, const char *id, struct pnp_dev *from)
void pnp_release_card_device (struct pnp_dev *dev)
int pnp_register_card_driver (struct pnp_card_driver *drv)
void pnp_unregister_card_driver (struct pnp_card_driver *drv)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (pnp_request_card_device)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (pnp_release_card_device)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (pnp_register_card_driver)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (pnp_unregister_card_driver)

Function Documentation

EXPORT_SYMBOL ( pnp_request_card_device  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( pnp_release_card_device  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( pnp_register_card_driver  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( pnp_unregister_card_driver  )
LIST_HEAD ( pnp_cards  )
int pnp_add_card ( struct pnp_card card)

pnp_add_card - adds a PnP card to the PnP Layer : pointer to the card to add

Definition at line 232 of file card.c.

int pnp_add_card_device ( struct pnp_card card,
struct pnp_dev dev 

pnp_add_card_device - adds a device to the specified card : pointer to the card to add to : pointer to the device to add

Definition at line 293 of file card.c.

struct pnp_card* pnp_alloc_card ( struct pnp_protocol protocol,
int  id,
char pnpid 

Definition at line 155 of file card.c.

int pnp_register_card_driver ( struct pnp_card_driver drv)

pnp_register_card_driver - registers a PnP card driver with the PnP Layer : pointer to the driver to register

Definition at line 411 of file card.c.

void pnp_release_card_device ( struct pnp_dev dev)

pnp_release_card_device - call this when the driver no longer needs the device : pointer to the PnP device structure

Definition at line 374 of file card.c.

void pnp_remove_card ( struct pnp_card card)

pnp_remove_card - removes a PnP card from the PnP Layer : pointer to the card to remove

Definition at line 273 of file card.c.

void pnp_remove_card_device ( struct pnp_dev dev)

pnp_remove_card_device- removes a device from the specified card : pointer to the device to remove

Definition at line 310 of file card.c.

struct pnp_dev* pnp_request_card_device ( struct pnp_card_link clink,
const char id,
struct pnp_dev from 

pnp_request_card_device - Searches for a PnP device under the specified card : pointer to the card link, cannot be NULL : pointer to a PnP ID structure that explains the rules for finding the device : Starting place to search from. If NULL it will start from the beginning.

Definition at line 325 of file card.c.

void pnp_unregister_card_driver ( struct pnp_card_driver drv)

pnp_unregister_card_driver - unregisters a PnP card driver from the PnP Layer : pointer to the driver to unregister

Definition at line 444 of file card.c.