Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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drm_stub.c File Reference
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/moduleparam.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <drm/drmP.h>
#include <drm/drm_core.h>

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 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_debug)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_vblank_offdelay)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_timestamp_precision)
 MODULE_LICENSE ("GPL and additional rights")
 MODULE_PARM_DESC (debug,"Enable debug output")
 MODULE_PARM_DESC (vblankoffdelay,"Delay until vblank irq auto-disable [msecs]")
 MODULE_PARM_DESC (timestamp_precision_usec,"Max. error on timestamps [usecs]")
 module_param_named (debug, drm_debug, int, 0600)
 module_param_named (vblankoffdelay, drm_vblank_offdelay, int, 0600)
 module_param_named (timestamp_precision_usec, drm_timestamp_precision, int, 0600)
int drm_err (const char *func, const char *format,...)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_err)
void drm_ut_debug_printk (unsigned int request_level, const char *prefix, const char *function_name, const char *format,...)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_ut_debug_printk)
struct drm_master * drm_master_create (struct drm_minor *minor)
struct drm_master * drm_master_get (struct drm_master *master)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_master_get)
void drm_master_put (struct drm_master **master)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_master_put)
int drm_setmaster_ioctl (struct drm_device *dev, void *data, struct drm_file *file_priv)
int drm_dropmaster_ioctl (struct drm_device *dev, void *data, struct drm_file *file_priv)
int drm_fill_in_dev (struct drm_device *dev, const struct pci_device_id *ent, struct drm_driver *driver)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_fill_in_dev)
int drm_get_minor (struct drm_device *dev, struct drm_minor **minor, int type)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_get_minor)
int drm_put_minor (struct drm_minor **minor_p)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_put_minor)
void drm_put_dev (struct drm_device *dev)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_put_dev)
void drm_unplug_dev (struct drm_device *dev)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (drm_unplug_dev)


unsigned int drm_debug = 0
unsigned int drm_vblank_offdelay = 5000
unsigned int drm_timestamp_precision = 20
struct idr drm_minors_idr
struct classdrm_class
struct proc_dir_entrydrm_proc_root
struct dentrydrm_debugfs_root

Function Documentation

int drm_dropmaster_ioctl ( struct drm_device dev,
void data,
struct drm_file *  file_priv 

Definition at line 242 of file drm_stub.c.

int drm_err ( const char func,
const char format,

Definition at line 66 of file drm_stub.c.

int drm_fill_in_dev ( struct drm_device dev,
const struct pci_device_id ent,
struct drm_driver *  driver 

Definition at line 260 of file drm_stub.c.

int drm_get_minor ( struct drm_device dev,
struct drm_minor **  minor,
int  type 

Get a secondary minor number.

devdevice data structure
sec-minorstructure to hold the assigned minor
negative number on failure.

Search an empty entry and initialize it to the given parameters, and create the proc init entry via proc_init(). This routines assigns minor numbers to secondary heads of multi-headed cards

Definition at line 335 of file drm_stub.c.

struct drm_master* drm_master_create ( struct drm_minor *  minor)

Definition at line 137 of file drm_stub.c.

struct drm_master* drm_master_get ( struct drm_master *  master)

Definition at line 157 of file drm_stub.c.

void drm_master_put ( struct drm_master **  master)

Definition at line 203 of file drm_stub.c.

void drm_put_dev ( struct drm_device dev)

Called via drm_exit() at module unload time or when pci device is unplugged.

Cleans up all DRM device, calling drm_lastclose().

Definition at line 446 of file drm_stub.c.

int drm_put_minor ( struct drm_minor **  minor_p)

Put a secondary minor number.

sec_minor- structure to be released
always zero

Cleans up the proc resources. Not legal for this to be the last minor released.

Definition at line 412 of file drm_stub.c.

int drm_setmaster_ioctl ( struct drm_device dev,
void data,
struct drm_file *  file_priv 

Definition at line 210 of file drm_stub.c.

void drm_unplug_dev ( struct drm_device dev)

Definition at line 503 of file drm_stub.c.

void drm_ut_debug_printk ( unsigned int  request_level,
const char prefix,
const char function_name,
const char format,

Definition at line 85 of file drm_stub.c.

EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_debug  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_vblank_offdelay  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_timestamp_precision  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_err  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_ut_debug_printk  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_master_get  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_master_put  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_fill_in_dev  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_get_minor  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_put_minor  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_put_dev  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( drm_unplug_dev  )
MODULE_LICENSE ( "GPL and additional rights"  )
module_param_named ( debug  ,
drm_debug  ,
int  ,
module_param_named ( vblankoffdelay  ,
drm_vblank_offdelay  ,
int  ,
module_param_named ( timestamp_precision_usec  ,
drm_timestamp_precision  ,
int  ,
"Enable debug output  
MODULE_PARM_DESC ( vblankoffdelay  ,
"Delay until vblank irq auto-disable [msecs] 
MODULE_PARM_DESC ( timestamp_precision_usec  ,
"Max. error on timestamps "  [usecs] 

Variable Documentation

struct class* drm_class

Definition at line 62 of file drm_stub.c.

unsigned int drm_debug = 0

Definition at line 40 of file drm_stub.c.

struct dentry* drm_debugfs_root

Definition at line 64 of file drm_stub.c.

struct idr drm_minors_idr

Definition at line 60 of file drm_stub.c.

struct proc_dir_entry* drm_proc_root

Definition at line 63 of file drm_stub.c.

unsigned int drm_timestamp_precision = 20

Definition at line 46 of file drm_stub.c.

unsigned int drm_vblank_offdelay = 5000

Definition at line 43 of file drm_stub.c.