Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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ehci-pmcmsp.c File Reference
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#include <linux/gpio.h>
#include <linux/usb.h>
#include <msp_usb.h>

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#define USB_CTRL_FIFO_THRESH   0x00300000
#define USB_EHCI_REG_USB_MODE   0x68
#define USB_EHCI_REG_USB_FIFO   0x24
#define USB_EHCI_REG_USB_STATUS   0x44
#define USB_EHCI_REG_BIT_STAT_STS   (1<<29)
#define MSP_PIN_USB0_HOST_DEV   49
#define MSP_PIN_USB1_HOST_DEV   50


int usb_hcd_msp_probe (const struct hc_driver *driver, struct platform_device *dev)
void usb_hcd_msp_remove (struct usb_hcd *hcd, struct platform_device *dev)
 MODULE_ALIAS ("pmcmsp-ehci")

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MSP_PIN_USB0_HOST_DEV   49

Definition at line 37 of file ehci-pmcmsp.c.

#define MSP_PIN_USB1_HOST_DEV   50

Definition at line 40 of file ehci-pmcmsp.c.

#define USB_CTRL_FIFO_THRESH   0x00300000

Definition at line 22 of file ehci-pmcmsp.c.


Definition at line 19 of file ehci-pmcmsp.c.

#define USB_EHCI_REG_BIT_STAT_STS   (1<<29)

Definition at line 34 of file ehci-pmcmsp.c.

#define USB_EHCI_REG_USB_FIFO   0x24

Definition at line 28 of file ehci-pmcmsp.c.

#define USB_EHCI_REG_USB_MODE   0x68

Definition at line 25 of file ehci-pmcmsp.c.

#define USB_EHCI_REG_USB_STATUS   0x44

Definition at line 31 of file ehci-pmcmsp.c.

Function Documentation

MODULE_ALIAS ( "pmcmsp-ehci"  )
int usb_hcd_msp_probe ( const struct hc_driver *  driver,
struct platform_device dev 

usb_hcd_msp_probe - initialize PMC MSP-based HCDs Context: !in_interrupt()

Allocates basic resources for this USB host controller, and then invokes the start() method for the HCD associated with it through the hotplug entry's driver_data.

Definition at line 165 of file ehci-pmcmsp.c.

void usb_hcd_msp_remove ( struct usb_hcd *  hcd,
struct platform_device dev 

usb_hcd_msp_remove - shutdown processing for PMC MSP-based HCDs : USB Host Controller being removed Context: !in_interrupt()

Reverses the effect of usb_hcd_msp_probe(), first invoking the HCD's stop() method. It is always called from a thread context, normally "rmmod", "apmd", or something similar.

may be called without controller electrically present may be called with controller, bus, and devices active

Definition at line 242 of file ehci-pmcmsp.c.