Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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fc_exch.c File Reference
#include <linux/timer.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/err.h>
#include <linux/export.h>
#include <scsi/fc/fc_fc2.h>
#include <scsi/libfc.h>
#include <scsi/fc_encode.h>
#include "fc_libfc.h"

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Data Structures

struct  fc_exch_pool
struct  fc_exch_mgr
struct  fc_exch_mgr_anchor


 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fc_cpu_mask)
void fc_exch_mgr_reset (struct fc_lport *lport, u32 sid, u32 did)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fc_exch_mgr_reset)
void fc_exch_update_stats (struct fc_lport *lport)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fc_exch_update_stats)
struct fc_exch_mgr_anchorfc_exch_mgr_add (struct fc_lport *lport, struct fc_exch_mgr *mp, bool(*match)(struct fc_frame *))
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fc_exch_mgr_add)
void fc_exch_mgr_del (struct fc_exch_mgr_anchor *ema)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fc_exch_mgr_del)
int fc_exch_mgr_list_clone (struct fc_lport *src, struct fc_lport *dst)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fc_exch_mgr_list_clone)
struct fc_exch_mgrfc_exch_mgr_alloc (struct fc_lport *lport, enum fc_class class, u16 min_xid, u16 max_xid, bool(*match)(struct fc_frame *))
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fc_exch_mgr_alloc)
void fc_exch_mgr_free (struct fc_lport *lport)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fc_exch_mgr_free)
void fc_exch_recv (struct fc_lport *lport, struct fc_frame *fp)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fc_exch_recv)
int fc_exch_init (struct fc_lport *lport)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fc_exch_init)
int fc_setup_exch_mgr (void)
void fc_destroy_exch_mgr (void)


u16 fc_cpu_mask
struct fc_exch_pool ____cacheline_aligned_in_smp

Function Documentation

EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fc_cpu_mask  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fc_exch_mgr_reset  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fc_exch_update_stats  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fc_exch_mgr_add  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fc_exch_mgr_del  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fc_exch_mgr_list_clone  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fc_exch_mgr_alloc  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fc_exch_mgr_free  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fc_exch_recv  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fc_exch_init  )
void fc_destroy_exch_mgr ( void  )

fc_destroy_exch_mgr() - Destroy an exchange manager

Definition at line 2545 of file fc_exch.c.

int fc_exch_init ( struct fc_lport lport)

fc_exch_init() - Initialize the exchange layer for a local port : The local port to initialize the exchange layer for

Definition at line 2465 of file fc_exch.c.

struct fc_exch_mgr_anchor* fc_exch_mgr_add ( struct fc_lport lport,
struct fc_exch_mgr mp,
bool(*)(struct fc_frame *)  match 

fc_exch_mgr_add() - Add an exchange manager to a local port's list of EMs : The local port to add the exchange manager to : The exchange manager to be added to the local port : The match routine that indicates when this EM should be used

Definition at line 2194 of file fc_exch.c.

struct fc_exch_mgr* fc_exch_mgr_alloc ( struct fc_lport lport,
enum fc_class  class,
u16  min_xid,
u16  max_xid,
bool(*)(struct fc_frame *)  match 

Definition at line 2268 of file fc_exch.c.

void fc_exch_mgr_del ( struct fc_exch_mgr_anchor ema)

fc_exch_mgr_del() - Delete an EM from a local port's list : The exchange manager anchor identifying the EM to be deleted

Definition at line 2230 of file fc_exch.c.

void fc_exch_mgr_free ( struct fc_lport lport)

fc_exch_mgr_free() - Free all exchange managers on a local port : The local port whose EMs are to be freed

Definition at line 2362 of file fc_exch.c.

int fc_exch_mgr_list_clone ( struct fc_lport src,
struct fc_lport dst 

fc_exch_mgr_list_clone() - Share all exchange manager objects : Source lport to clone exchange managers from : New lport that takes references to all the exchange managers

Definition at line 2244 of file fc_exch.c.

void fc_exch_mgr_reset ( struct fc_lport lport,
u32  sid,
u32  did 

fc_exch_mgr_reset() - Reset all EMs of a local port : The local port whose EMs are to be reset : The source ID : The destination ID

Reset all EMs associated with a given local port. Release all sequences and exchanges. If sid is non-zero then reset only the exchanges sent from the local port's FID. If did is non-zero then reset only exchanges destined for the local port's FID.

Definition at line 1822 of file fc_exch.c.

void fc_exch_recv ( struct fc_lport lport,
struct fc_frame fp 

fc_exch_recv() - Handler for received frames : The local port the frame was received on : The received frame

Definition at line 2407 of file fc_exch.c.

void fc_exch_update_stats ( struct fc_lport lport)

fc_exch_update_stats() - update exches stats to lport : The local port to update exchange manager stats

Definition at line 2167 of file fc_exch.c.

int fc_setup_exch_mgr ( void  )

fc_setup_exch_mgr() - Setup an exchange manager

Definition at line 2504 of file fc_exch.c.

Variable Documentation

struct fc_exch_pool ____cacheline_aligned_in_smp
u16 fc_cpu_mask

Definition at line 38 of file fc_exch.c.