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processor.h File Reference
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/cpu.h>
#include <linux/thermal.h>
#include <asm/acpi.h>

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Data Structures

struct  acpi_power_register
struct  acpi_processor_cx
struct  acpi_processor_power
struct  acpi_psd_package
struct  acpi_pct_register
struct  acpi_processor_px
struct  acpi_processor_performance
struct  acpi_tsd_package
struct  acpi_ptc_register
struct  acpi_processor_tx_tss
struct  acpi_processor_tx
struct  acpi_processor_throttling
struct  acpi_processor_lx
struct  acpi_processor_limit
struct  acpi_processor_flags
struct  acpi_processor
struct  acpi_processor_errata


#define ACPI_PROCESSOR_MAX_THROTTLE   250 /* 25% */
#define ACPI_PDC_REVISION_ID   0x1
#define ACPI_PSD_REV0_REVISION   0 /* Support for _PSD as in ACPI 3.0 */
#define ACPI_TSD_REV0_REVISION   0 /* Support for _PSD as in ACPI 3.0 */
#define ACPI_CSTATE_FFH   1
#define ACPI_CSTATE_HALT   2
#define ACPI_CX_DESC_LEN   32


struct acpi_power_register __attribute__ ((packed))
void acpi_processor_load_module (struct acpi_processor *pr)
int acpi_processor_preregister_performance (struct acpi_processor_performance __percpu *performance)
int acpi_processor_register_performance (struct acpi_processor_performance *performance, unsigned int cpu)
void acpi_processor_unregister_performance (struct acpi_processor_performance *performance, unsigned int cpu)
int acpi_processor_notify_smm (struct module *calling_module)
 DECLARE_PER_CPU (struct acpi_processor *, processors)
void acpi_processor_set_pdc (acpi_handle handle)
int acpi_get_cpuid (acpi_handle, int type, u32 acpi_id)
int acpi_processor_tstate_has_changed (struct acpi_processor *pr)
int acpi_processor_get_throttling_info (struct acpi_processor *pr)
int acpi_processor_set_throttling (struct acpi_processor *pr, int state, bool force)
void acpi_processor_reevaluate_tstate (struct acpi_processor *pr, unsigned long action)
void acpi_processor_throttling_init (void)
int acpi_processor_power_init (struct acpi_processor *pr)
int acpi_processor_power_exit (struct acpi_processor *pr)
int acpi_processor_cst_has_changed (struct acpi_processor *pr)
int acpi_processor_hotplug (struct acpi_processor *pr)
int acpi_processor_suspend (struct device *dev)
int acpi_processor_resume (struct device *dev)
int acpi_processor_get_limit_info (struct acpi_processor *pr)


u8 descriptor
u16 length
u8 space_id
u8 bit_width
u8 bit_offset
u8 access_size
u64 address
struct acpi_processor_cx __attribute__
u64 num_entries
u64 revision
u64 domain
u64 coord_type
u64 num_processors
u8 reserved
struct acpi_processor_errata errata
struct file_operations acpi_processor_throttling_fops
struct cpuidle_driver acpi_idle_driver
struct thermal_cooling_device_ops processor_cooling_ops

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ACPI_CSTATE_FFH   1

Definition at line 35 of file processor.h.

#define ACPI_CSTATE_HALT   2

Definition at line 36 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 34 of file processor.h.

#define ACPI_CX_DESC_LEN   32

Definition at line 38 of file processor.h.

#define ACPI_PDC_REVISION_ID   0x1

Definition at line 19 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 9 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 12 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 13 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 17 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 11 of file processor.h.

#define ACPI_PROCESSOR_MAX_THROTTLE   250 /* 25% */

Definition at line 16 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 15 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 22 of file processor.h.

#define ACPI_PSD_REV0_REVISION   0 /* Support for _PSD as in ACPI 3.0 */

Definition at line 21 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 25 of file processor.h.

#define ACPI_TSD_REV0_REVISION   0 /* Support for _PSD as in ACPI 3.0 */

Definition at line 24 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 32 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 30 of file processor.h.


Definition at line 31 of file processor.h.

Function Documentation

mcontroller : adapter info structure for old mimd_t apps

: base address : irq number : number of logical drives : pci bus : pci device : pci function : pci id : vendor id : slot number : unique id

Definition at line 171 of file esd_usb2.c.

int acpi_get_cpuid ( acpi_handle  ,
int  type,
u32  acpi_id 

Definition at line 166 of file processor_core.c.

int acpi_processor_cst_has_changed ( struct acpi_processor pr)

Definition at line 1163 of file processor_idle.c.

int acpi_processor_get_limit_info ( struct acpi_processor pr)

Definition at line 189 of file processor_thermal.c.

int acpi_processor_get_throttling_info ( struct acpi_processor pr)

Definition at line 1187 of file processor_throttling.c.

int acpi_processor_hotplug ( struct acpi_processor pr)

Definition at line 1132 of file processor_idle.c.

void acpi_processor_load_module ( struct acpi_processor pr)

Definition at line 248 of file processor_perflib.c.

int acpi_processor_notify_smm ( struct module calling_module)

Definition at line 506 of file processor_perflib.c.

int acpi_processor_power_exit ( struct acpi_processor pr)

Definition at line 1298 of file processor_idle.c.

int acpi_processor_power_init ( struct acpi_processor pr)

Definition at line 1226 of file processor_idle.c.

int acpi_processor_preregister_performance ( struct acpi_processor_performance __percpu performance)

Definition at line 632 of file processor_perflib.c.

void acpi_processor_reevaluate_tstate ( struct acpi_processor pr,
unsigned long  action 

Definition at line 377 of file processor_throttling.c.

int acpi_processor_register_performance ( struct acpi_processor_performance performance,
unsigned int  cpu 

Definition at line 786 of file processor_perflib.c.

int acpi_processor_resume ( struct device dev)

Definition at line 248 of file processor_idle.c.

void acpi_processor_set_pdc ( acpi_handle  handle)

Definition at line 340 of file processor_core.c.

int acpi_processor_set_throttling ( struct acpi_processor pr,
int  state,
bool  force 

Definition at line 1065 of file processor_throttling.c.

int acpi_processor_suspend ( struct device dev)

Definition at line 242 of file processor_idle.c.

void acpi_processor_throttling_init ( void  )

Definition at line 212 of file processor_throttling.c.

int acpi_processor_tstate_has_changed ( struct acpi_processor pr)

Definition at line 312 of file processor_throttling.c.

void acpi_processor_unregister_performance ( struct acpi_processor_performance performance,
unsigned int  cpu 

Definition at line 824 of file processor_perflib.c.

DECLARE_PER_CPU ( struct acpi_processor ,

Variable Documentation

u8 access_size

Definition at line 58 of file processor.h.

struct cpuidle_driver acpi_idle_driver

Definition at line 987 of file processor_idle.c.

struct file_operations acpi_processor_throttling_fops

Definition at line 59 of file processor.h.

u8 bit_offset

Definition at line 57 of file processor.h.

u8 bit_width

Definition at line 56 of file processor.h.

u64 coord_type

Definition at line 86 of file processor.h.

Definition at line 53 of file processor.h.

u64 domain

Definition at line 85 of file processor.h.

u16 length

Definition at line 54 of file processor.h.

u64 num_entries

Definition at line 83 of file processor.h.

u64 num_processors

Definition at line 87 of file processor.h.

struct thermal_cooling_device_ops processor_cooling_ops

Definition at line 275 of file processor_thermal.c.

u8 reserved

Definition at line 98 of file processor.h.

Definition at line 84 of file processor.h.

u8 space_id

Definition at line 55 of file processor.h.