Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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delay.h File Reference
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <asm/delay.h>

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#define MAX_UDELAY_MS   5
#define mdelay(n)
#define ndelay(x)   ndelay(x)


void calibrate_delay (void)
void msleep (unsigned int msecs)
unsigned long msleep_interruptible (unsigned int msecs)
void usleep_range (unsigned long min, unsigned long max)


unsigned long loops_per_jiffy
unsigned long lpj_fine

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MAX_UDELAY_MS   5

Definition at line 27 of file delay.h.

#define mdelay (   n)
(__builtin_constant_p(n) && (n)<=MAX_UDELAY_MS) ? udelay((n)*1000) : \
({unsigned long __ms=(n); while (__ms--) udelay(1000);}))

Definition at line 31 of file delay.h.

#define ndelay (   x)    ndelay(x)

Definition at line 41 of file delay.h.

Function Documentation

void calibrate_delay ( void  )

Definition at line 712 of file setup.c.

void msleep ( unsigned int  msecs)

msleep - sleep safely even with waitqueue interruptions : Time in milliseconds to sleep for

Definition at line 1800 of file timer.c.

unsigned long msleep_interruptible ( unsigned int  msecs)

msleep_interruptible - sleep waiting for signals : Time in milliseconds to sleep for

Definition at line 1814 of file timer.c.

void usleep_range ( unsigned long  min,
unsigned long  max 

usleep_range - Drop in replacement for udelay where wakeup is flexible : Minimum time in usecs to sleep : Maximum time in usecs to sleep

Definition at line 1840 of file timer.c.

Variable Documentation

unsigned long loops_per_jiffy

Definition at line 94 of file processor.h.

unsigned long lpj_fine

Definition at line 14 of file calibrate.c.