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poll.h File Reference
#include <linux/compiler.h>
#include <linux/ktime.h>
#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <linux/string.h>
#include <linux/fs.h>
#include <linux/sysctl.h>
#include <asm/uaccess.h>
#include <uapi/linux/poll.h>

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Data Structures

struct  poll_table_struct
struct  poll_table_entry
struct  poll_wqueues
struct  fd_set_bits


#define MAX_STACK_ALLOC   832
#define N_INLINE_POLL_ENTRIES   (WQUEUES_STACK_ALLOC / sizeof(struct poll_table_entry))
#define FDS_BITPERLONG   (8*sizeof(long))
#define FDS_BYTES(nr)   (FDS_LONGS(nr)*sizeof(long))
#define MAX_INT64_SECONDS   (((s64)(~((u64)0)>>1)/HZ)-1)


typedef void(* poll_queue_proc )(struct file *, wait_queue_head_t *, struct poll_table_struct *)
typedef struct poll_table_struct poll_table


void poll_initwait (struct poll_wqueues *pwq)
void poll_freewait (struct poll_wqueues *pwq)
int poll_schedule_timeout (struct poll_wqueues *pwq, int state, ktime_t *expires, unsigned long slack)
long select_estimate_accuracy (struct timespec *tv)
int do_select (int n, fd_set_bits *fds, struct timespec *end_time)
int do_sys_poll (struct pollfd __user *ufds, unsigned int nfds, struct timespec *end_time)
int core_sys_select (int n, fd_set __user *inp, fd_set __user *outp, fd_set __user *exp, struct timespec *end_time)
int poll_select_set_timeout (struct timespec *to, long sec, long nsec)


struct ctl_table epoll_table []

Macro Definition Documentation


Definition at line 24 of file poll.h.

#define FDS_BITPERLONG   (8*sizeof(long))

Definition at line 119 of file poll.h.

#define FDS_BYTES (   nr)    (FDS_LONGS(nr)*sizeof(long))

Definition at line 121 of file poll.h.

#define FDS_LONGS (   nr)    (((nr)+FDS_BITPERLONG-1)/FDS_BITPERLONG)

Definition at line 120 of file poll.h.


Definition at line 18 of file poll.h.

#define MAX_INT64_SECONDS   (((s64)(~((u64)0)>>1)/HZ)-1)

Definition at line 154 of file poll.h.

#define MAX_STACK_ALLOC   832

Definition at line 17 of file poll.h.

#define N_INLINE_POLL_ENTRIES   (WQUEUES_STACK_ALLOC / sizeof(struct poll_table_entry))

Definition at line 22 of file poll.h.


Definition at line 20 of file poll.h.


Definition at line 19 of file poll.h.


Definition at line 21 of file poll.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* poll_queue_proc)(struct file *, wait_queue_head_t *, struct poll_table_struct *)

Definition at line 31 of file poll.h.

Function Documentation

int core_sys_select ( int  n,
fd_set __user inp,
fd_set __user outp,
fd_set __user exp,
struct timespec end_time 

Definition at line 516 of file select.c.

int do_select ( int  n,
fd_set_bits fds,
struct timespec end_time 

Definition at line 395 of file select.c.

int do_sys_poll ( struct pollfd __user ufds,
unsigned int  nfds,
struct timespec end_time 

Definition at line 816 of file select.c.

void poll_freewait ( struct poll_wqueues pwq)

Definition at line 133 of file select.c.

void poll_initwait ( struct poll_wqueues pwq)

Definition at line 116 of file select.c.

int poll_schedule_timeout ( struct poll_wqueues pwq,
int  state,
ktime_t expires,
unsigned long  slack 

Definition at line 231 of file select.c.

int poll_select_set_timeout ( struct timespec to,
long  sec,
long  nsec 

poll_select_set_timeout - helper function to setup the timeout value : pointer to timespec variable for the final timeout : seconds (from user space) : nanoseconds (from user space)

Note, we do not use a timespec for the user space value here, That way we can use the function for timeval and compat interfaces as well.

Returns -EINVAL if sec/nsec are not normalized. Otherwise 0.

Definition at line 269 of file select.c.

long select_estimate_accuracy ( struct timespec tv)

Definition at line 70 of file select.c.

Variable Documentation

struct ctl_table epoll_table[]