Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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intel-gtt.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  intel_gtt


#define AGP_PHYS_MEMORY   2
#define AGP_USER_CACHED_MEMORY_GFDT   (1 << 3)


struct intel_gtt intel_gtt_get (void)
int intel_gmch_probe (struct pci_dev *bridge_pdev, struct pci_dev *gpu_pdev, struct agp_bridge_data *bridge)
void intel_gmch_remove (void)
bool intel_enable_gtt (void)
void intel_gtt_chipset_flush (void)
void intel_gtt_insert_sg_entries (struct sg_table *st, unsigned int pg_start, unsigned int flags)
void intel_gtt_clear_range (unsigned int first_entry, unsigned int num_entries)


unsigned int stolen_size
unsigned int gtt_total_entries
unsigned int gtt_mappable_entries
unsigned int needs_dmar
unsigned int do_idle_maps
dma_addr_t scratch_page_dma
u32 __iomemgtt
phys_addr_t gma_bus_addr

Macro Definition Documentation


Definition at line 39 of file intel-gtt.h.

#define AGP_PHYS_MEMORY   2

Definition at line 40 of file intel-gtt.h.

#define AGP_USER_CACHED_MEMORY_GFDT   (1 << 3)

Definition at line 47 of file intel-gtt.h.


Definition at line 43 of file intel-gtt.h.


Definition at line 44 of file intel-gtt.h.

Function Documentation

bool intel_enable_gtt ( void  )

Definition at line 777 of file intel-gtt.c.

int intel_gmch_probe ( struct pci_dev bridge_pdev,
struct pci_dev gpu_pdev,
struct agp_bridge_data bridge 

Definition at line 1624 of file intel-gtt.c.

void intel_gmch_remove ( void  )

Definition at line 1702 of file intel-gtt.c.

void intel_gtt_chipset_flush ( void  )

Definition at line 1695 of file intel-gtt.c.

void intel_gtt_clear_range ( unsigned int  first_entry,
unsigned int  num_entries 

Definition at line 972 of file intel-gtt.c.

struct intel_gtt intel_gtt_get ( void  )

Definition at line 1689 of file intel-gtt.c.

void intel_gtt_insert_sg_entries ( struct sg_table st,
unsigned int  pg_start,
unsigned int  flags 

Definition at line 879 of file intel-gtt.c.

Variable Documentation

unsigned int do_idle_maps

Definition at line 35 of file intel-gtt.h.

phys_addr_t gma_bus_addr

Definition at line 41 of file intel-gtt.h.

u32 __iomem* gtt

Definition at line 39 of file intel-gtt.h.

unsigned int gtt_mappable_entries

Definition at line 31 of file intel-gtt.h.

unsigned int gtt_total_entries

Definition at line 28 of file intel-gtt.h.

unsigned int needs_dmar

Definition at line 33 of file intel-gtt.h.

dma_addr_t scratch_page_dma

Definition at line 37 of file intel-gtt.h.

unsigned int stolen_size

Definition at line 26 of file intel-gtt.h.