Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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iommu_64.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  iommu_arena
struct  iommu
struct  strbuf


#define IOPTE_VALID   0x8000000000000000UL
#define IOPTE_64K   0x2000000000000000UL
#define IOPTE_STBUF   0x1000000000000000UL
#define IOPTE_INTRA   0x0800000000000000UL
#define IOPTE_CONTEXT   0x07ff800000000000UL
#define IOPTE_PAGE   0x00007fffffffe000UL
#define IOPTE_CACHE   0x0000000000000010UL
#define IOPTE_WRITE   0x0000000000000002UL
#define IOMMU_NUM_CTXS   4096


int iommu_table_init (struct iommu *iommu, int tsbsize, u32 dma_offset, u32 dma_addr_mask, int numa_node)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define IOMMU_NUM_CTXS   4096

Definition at line 18 of file iommu_64.h.

#define IOPTE_64K   0x2000000000000000UL

Definition at line 10 of file iommu_64.h.

#define IOPTE_CACHE   0x0000000000000010UL

Definition at line 15 of file iommu_64.h.

#define IOPTE_CONTEXT   0x07ff800000000000UL

Definition at line 13 of file iommu_64.h.

#define IOPTE_INTRA   0x0800000000000000UL

Definition at line 12 of file iommu_64.h.

#define IOPTE_PAGE   0x00007fffffffe000UL

Definition at line 14 of file iommu_64.h.

#define IOPTE_STBUF   0x1000000000000000UL

Definition at line 11 of file iommu_64.h.

#define IOPTE_VALID   0x8000000000000000UL

Definition at line 9 of file iommu_64.h.

#define IOPTE_WRITE   0x0000000000000002UL

Definition at line 16 of file iommu_64.h.

Function Documentation

int iommu_table_init ( struct iommu iommu,
int  tsbsize,
u32  dma_offset,
u32  dma_addr_mask,
int  numa_node 

Definition at line 177 of file iommu.c.