Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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ivtv-mailbox.h File Reference

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#define IVTV_MBOX_DMA_END   8
#define IVTV_MBOX_DMA   9


void ivtv_api_get_data (struct ivtv_mailbox_data *mbdata, int mb, int argc, u32 data[])
int ivtv_api (struct ivtv *itv, int cmd, int args, u32 data[])
int ivtv_vapi_result (struct ivtv *itv, u32 data[CX2341X_MBOX_MAX_DATA], int cmd, int args,...)
int ivtv_vapi (struct ivtv *itv, int cmd, int args,...)
int ivtv_api_func (void *priv, u32 cmd, int in, int out, u32 data[CX2341X_MBOX_MAX_DATA])
void ivtv_mailbox_cache_invalidate (struct ivtv *itv)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define IVTV_MBOX_DMA   9

Definition at line 25 of file ivtv-mailbox.h.

#define IVTV_MBOX_DMA_END   8

Definition at line 24 of file ivtv-mailbox.h.

Function Documentation

int ivtv_api ( struct ivtv itv,
int  cmd,
int  args,
u32  data[] 

Definition at line 329 of file ivtv-mailbox.c.

int ivtv_api_func ( void priv,
u32  cmd,
int  in,
int  out,
u32  data[CX2341X_MBOX_MAX_DATA] 

Definition at line 339 of file ivtv-mailbox.c.

void ivtv_api_get_data ( struct ivtv_mailbox_data mbdata,
int  mb,
int  argc,
u32  data[] 

Definition at line 372 of file ivtv-mailbox.c.

void ivtv_mailbox_cache_invalidate ( struct ivtv itv)

Definition at line 382 of file ivtv-mailbox.c.

int ivtv_vapi ( struct ivtv itv,
int  cmd,
int  args,

Definition at line 357 of file ivtv-mailbox.c.

int ivtv_vapi_result ( struct ivtv itv,
u32  data[CX2341X_MBOX_MAX_DATA],
int  cmd,
int  args,

Definition at line 344 of file ivtv-mailbox.c.