Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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l1oip.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  l1oip_chan
struct  l1oip


#define DEBUG_L1OIP_INIT   0x00010000
#define DEBUG_L1OIP_SOCKET   0x00020000
#define DEBUG_L1OIP_MGR   0x00040000
#define DEBUG_L1OIP_MSG   0x00080000
#define L1OIP_MAX_LEN   2048 /* max packet size form l2 */
#define L1OIP_MAX_PERFRAME   1400 /* max data size in one frame */
#define L1OIP_KEEPALIVE   15
#define L1OIP_TIMEOUT   65
#define L1OIP_DEFAULTPORT   931


int l1oip_law_to_4bit (u8 *data, int len, u8 *result, u32 *state)
int l1oip_4bit_to_law (u8 *data, int len, u8 *result)
int l1oip_alaw_to_ulaw (u8 *data, int len, u8 *result)
int l1oip_ulaw_to_alaw (u8 *data, int len, u8 *result)
void l1oip_4bit_free (void)
int l1oip_4bit_alloc (int ulaw)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DEBUG_L1OIP_INIT   0x00010000

Definition at line 6 of file l1oip.h.

#define DEBUG_L1OIP_MGR   0x00040000

Definition at line 8 of file l1oip.h.

#define DEBUG_L1OIP_MSG   0x00080000

Definition at line 9 of file l1oip.h.

#define DEBUG_L1OIP_SOCKET   0x00020000

Definition at line 7 of file l1oip.h.

#define L1OIP_DEFAULTPORT   931

Definition at line 27 of file l1oip.h.

#define L1OIP_KEEPALIVE   15

Definition at line 22 of file l1oip.h.

#define L1OIP_MAX_LEN   2048 /* max packet size form l2 */

Definition at line 17 of file l1oip.h.

#define L1OIP_MAX_PERFRAME   1400 /* max data size in one frame */

Definition at line 18 of file l1oip.h.

#define L1OIP_TIMEOUT   65

Definition at line 23 of file l1oip.h.

Function Documentation

int l1oip_4bit_alloc ( int  ulaw)

Definition at line 324 of file l1oip_codec.c.

void l1oip_4bit_free ( void  )

Definition at line 313 of file l1oip_codec.c.

int l1oip_4bit_to_law ( u8 data,
int  len,
u8 result 

Definition at line 263 of file l1oip_codec.c.

int l1oip_alaw_to_ulaw ( u8 data,
int  len,
u8 result 

Definition at line 283 of file l1oip_codec.c.

int l1oip_law_to_4bit ( u8 data,
int  len,
u8 result,
u32 state 

Definition at line 226 of file l1oip_codec.c.

int l1oip_ulaw_to_alaw ( u8 data,
int  len,
u8 result 

Definition at line 296 of file l1oip_codec.c.