Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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machdep.h File Reference
#include <linux/seq_file.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>

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void hw_timer_init (irq_handler_t handler)
unsigned long hw_timer_offset (void)
void config_BSP (char *command, int len)


void(* mach_sched_init )(irq_handler_t handler)
void(* mach_init_IRQ )(void)
void(* mach_get_model )(char *model)
void(* mach_get_hardware_list )(struct seq_file *m)
unsigned long(* mach_gettimeoffset )(void)
int(* mach_hwclk )(int, struct rtc_time *)
unsigned int(* mach_get_ss )(void)
int(* mach_get_rtc_pll )(struct rtc_pll_info *)
int(* mach_set_rtc_pll )(struct rtc_pll_info *)
int(* mach_set_clock_mmss )(unsigned long)
void(* mach_reset )(void)
void(* mach_halt )(void)
void(* mach_power_off )(void)
unsigned long(* mach_hd_init )(unsigned long, unsigned long)
void(* mach_hd_setup )(char *, int *)
long mach_max_dma_address
void(* mach_heartbeat )(int)
void(* mach_l2_flush )(int)
void(* mach_beep )(unsigned int, unsigned int)

Function Documentation

void config_BSP ( char command,
int  len 

Definition at line 45 of file config.c.

void hw_timer_init ( irq_handler_t  handler)

Definition at line 103 of file timers.c.

unsigned long hw_timer_offset ( void  )

Variable Documentation

void(* mach_beep)(unsigned int, unsigned int)
void(* mach_get_hardware_list)(struct seq_file *m)
void(* mach_get_model)(char *model)
int(* mach_get_rtc_pll)(struct rtc_pll_info *)
unsigned int(* mach_get_ss)(void)
unsigned long(* mach_gettimeoffset)(void)
void(* mach_halt)(void)

Definition at line 57 of file setup_no.c.

unsigned long(* mach_hd_init)(unsigned long, unsigned long)
void(* mach_hd_setup)(char *, int *)
void(* mach_heartbeat)(int)
int(* mach_hwclk)(int, struct rtc_time *)

Definition at line 53 of file setup_no.c.

void(* mach_init_IRQ)(void)

Definition at line 83 of file setup_mm.c.

void(* mach_l2_flush)(int)
long mach_max_dma_address
void(* mach_power_off)(void)

Definition at line 58 of file setup_no.c.

void(* mach_reset)(void)

Definition at line 56 of file setup_no.c.

void(* mach_sched_init)(irq_handler_t handler)

Definition at line 81 of file setup_mm.c.

int(* mach_set_clock_mmss)(unsigned long)

Definition at line 52 of file setup_no.c.

int(* mach_set_rtc_pll)(struct rtc_pll_info *)