Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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mtd-davinci-aemif.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  davinci_aemif_timing


#define NRCSR_OFFSET   0x00
#define AWCCR_OFFSET   0x04
#define A1CR_OFFSET   0x10
#define ACR_ASIZE_MASK   0x3
#define ACR_EW_MASK   BIT(30)
#define ACR_SS_MASK   BIT(31)


int davinci_aemif_setup_timing (struct davinci_aemif_timing *t, void __iomem *base, unsigned cs)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define A1CR_OFFSET   0x10

Definition at line 15 of file mtd-davinci-aemif.h.

#define ACR_ASIZE_MASK   0x3

Definition at line 17 of file mtd-davinci-aemif.h.

#define ACR_EW_MASK   BIT(30)

Definition at line 18 of file mtd-davinci-aemif.h.

#define ACR_SS_MASK   BIT(31)

Definition at line 19 of file mtd-davinci-aemif.h.

#define AWCCR_OFFSET   0x04

Definition at line 14 of file mtd-davinci-aemif.h.

#define NRCSR_OFFSET   0x00

Definition at line 13 of file mtd-davinci-aemif.h.

Function Documentation

int davinci_aemif_setup_timing ( struct davinci_aemif_timing t,
void __iomem base,
unsigned  cs 

davinci_aemif_setup_timing - setup timing values for a given AEMIF interface : timing values to be progammed : The virtual base address of the AEMIF interface : chip-select to program the timing values for

This function programs the given timing values (in real clock) into the AEMIF registers taking the AEMIF clock into account.

This function does not use any locking while programming the AEMIF because it is expected that there is only one user of a given chip-select.

Returns 0 on success, else negative errno.

Definition at line 89 of file aemif.c.