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phy_a.h File Reference
#include "phy_common.h"

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Data Structures

struct  b43_phy_a


#define B43_PHY_VERSION_OFDM   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x00) /* Versioning register for A-PHY */
#define B43_PHY_BBANDCFG   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x01) /* Baseband config */
#define B43_PHY_BBANDCFG_RXANT   0x180 /* RX Antenna selection */
#define B43_PHY_PWRDOWN   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x03) /* Powerdown */
#define B43_PHY_CRSTHRES1_R1   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x06) /* CRS Threshold 1 (phy.rev 1 only) */
#define B43_PHY_LNAHPFCTL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x1C) /* LNA/HPF control */
#define B43_PHY_LPFGAINCTL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x20) /* LPF Gain control */
#define B43_PHY_ADIVRELATED   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x27) /* FIXME rename */
#define B43_PHY_CRS0   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x29)
#define B43_PHY_CRS0_EN   0x4000
#define B43_PHY_PEAK_COUNT   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x30)
#define B43_PHY_ANTDWELL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x2B) /* Antenna dwell */
#define B43_PHY_ANTDWELL_AUTODIV1   0x0100 /* Automatic RX diversity start antenna */
#define B43_PHY_ENCORE   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x49) /* "Encore" (RangeMax / BroadRange) */
#define B43_PHY_ENCORE_EN   0x0200 /* Encore enable */
#define B43_PHY_LMS   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x55)
#define B43_PHY_OFDM61   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x61) /* FIXME rename */
#define B43_PHY_OFDM61_10   0x0010 /* FIXME rename */
#define B43_PHY_IQBAL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x69) /* I/Q balance */
#define B43_PHY_BBTXDC_BIAS   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x6B) /* Baseband TX DC bias */
#define B43_PHY_OTABLECTL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x72) /* OFDM table control (see below) */
#define B43_PHY_OTABLEOFF   0x03FF /* OFDM table offset (see below) */
#define B43_PHY_OTABLENR   0xFC00 /* OFDM table number (see below) */
#define B43_PHY_OTABLENR_SHIFT   10
#define B43_PHY_OTABLEI   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x73) /* OFDM table data I */
#define B43_PHY_OTABLEQ   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x74) /* OFDM table data Q */
#define B43_PHY_HPWR_TSSICTL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x78) /* Hardware power TSSI control */
#define B43_PHY_ADCCTL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x7A) /* ADC control */
#define B43_PHY_IDLE_TSSI   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x7B)
#define B43_PHY_A_TEMP_SENSE   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x7C) /* A PHY temperature sense */
#define B43_PHY_NRSSITHRES   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x8A) /* NRSSI threshold */
#define B43_PHY_ANTWRSETT   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x8C) /* Antenna WR settle */
#define B43_PHY_ANTWRSETT_ARXDIV   0x2000 /* Automatic RX diversity enabled */
#define B43_PHY_CLIPPWRDOWNT   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x93) /* Clip powerdown threshold */
#define B43_PHY_OFDM9B   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x9B) /* FIXME rename */
#define B43_PHY_N1P1GAIN   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA0)
#define B43_PHY_P1P2GAIN   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA1)
#define B43_PHY_N1N2GAIN   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA2)
#define B43_PHY_CLIPTHRES   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA3)
#define B43_PHY_CLIPN1P2THRES   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA4)
#define B43_PHY_CCKSHIFTBITS_WA   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA5) /* CCK shiftbits workaround, FIXME rename */
#define B43_PHY_CCKSHIFTBITS   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA7) /* FIXME rename */
#define B43_PHY_DIVSRCHIDX   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA8) /* Divider search gain/index */
#define B43_PHY_CLIPP2THRES   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA9)
#define B43_PHY_CLIPP3THRES   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xAA)
#define B43_PHY_DIVP1P2GAIN   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xAB)
#define B43_PHY_DIVSRCHGAINBACK   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xAD) /* Divider search gain back */
#define B43_PHY_DIVSRCHGAINCHNG   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xAE) /* Divider search gain change */
#define B43_PHY_CRSTHRES1   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xC0) /* CRS Threshold 1 (phy.rev >= 2 only) */
#define B43_PHY_CRSTHRES2   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xC1) /* CRS Threshold 2 (phy.rev >= 2 only) */
#define B43_PHY_TSSIP_LTBASE   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x380) /* TSSI power lookup table base */
#define B43_PHY_DC_LTBASE   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x3A0) /* DC lookup table base */
#define B43_PHY_GAIN_LTBASE   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x3C0) /* Gain lookup table base */
#define B43_OFDMTAB(number, offset)   (((number) << B43_PHY_OTABLENR_SHIFT) | (offset))
#define B43_OFDMTAB_AGC1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x00, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_GAIN0   B43_OFDMTAB(0x00, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_GAINX   B43_OFDMTAB(0x01, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_GAIN1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x01, 4)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_AGC3   B43_OFDMTAB(0x02, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_GAIN2   B43_OFDMTAB(0x02, 3)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_LNAHPFGAIN1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x03, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_WRSSI   B43_OFDMTAB(0x04, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_LNAHPFGAIN2   B43_OFDMTAB(0x04, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_NOISESCALE   B43_OFDMTAB(0x05, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_AGC2   B43_OFDMTAB(0x06, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_ROTOR   B43_OFDMTAB(0x08, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_ADVRETARD   B43_OFDMTAB(0x09, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_DAC   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0C, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_DC   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0E, 7)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_PWRDYN2   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0E, 12)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_LNAGAIN   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0E, 13)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_UNKNOWN_0F   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0F, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_LPFGAIN   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0F, 12)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_RSSI   B43_OFDMTAB(0x10, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_UNKNOWN_11   B43_OFDMTAB(0x11, 4)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_AGC1_R1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x13, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_GAINX_R1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x14, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_MINSIGSQ   B43_OFDMTAB(0x14, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_AGC3_R1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x15, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_WRSSI_R1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x15, 4)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_TSSI   B43_OFDMTAB(0x15, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_DACRFPABB   B43_OFDMTAB(0x16, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_DACOFF   B43_OFDMTAB(0x17, 0)
#define B43_OFDMTAB_DCBIAS   B43_OFDMTAB(0x18, 0)


u16 b43_ofdmtab_read16 (struct b43_wldev *dev, u16 table, u16 offset)
void b43_ofdmtab_write16 (struct b43_wldev *dev, u16 table, u16 offset, u16 value)
u32 b43_ofdmtab_read32 (struct b43_wldev *dev, u16 table, u16 offset)
void b43_ofdmtab_write32 (struct b43_wldev *dev, u16 table, u16 offset, u32 value)
void b43_phy_inita (struct b43_wldev *dev)


struct b43_phy_operations b43_phyops_a

Macro Definition Documentation

#define B43_OFDMTAB (   number,
)    (((number) << B43_PHY_OTABLENR_SHIFT) | (offset))

Definition at line 64 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_ADVRETARD   B43_OFDMTAB(0x09, 0)

Definition at line 77 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_AGC1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x00, 0)

Definition at line 65 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_AGC1_R1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x13, 0)

Definition at line 87 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_AGC2   B43_OFDMTAB(0x06, 0)

Definition at line 75 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_AGC3   B43_OFDMTAB(0x02, 0)

Definition at line 69 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_AGC3_R1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x15, 0)

Definition at line 90 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_DAC   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0C, 0)

Definition at line 78 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_DACOFF   B43_OFDMTAB(0x17, 0)

Definition at line 94 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_DACRFPABB   B43_OFDMTAB(0x16, 0)

Definition at line 93 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_DC   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0E, 7)

Definition at line 79 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_DCBIAS   B43_OFDMTAB(0x18, 0)

Definition at line 95 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_GAIN0   B43_OFDMTAB(0x00, 0)

Definition at line 66 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_GAIN1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x01, 4)

Definition at line 68 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_GAIN2   B43_OFDMTAB(0x02, 3)

Definition at line 70 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_GAINX   B43_OFDMTAB(0x01, 0)

Definition at line 67 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_GAINX_R1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x14, 0)

Definition at line 88 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_LNAGAIN   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0E, 13)

Definition at line 81 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_LNAHPFGAIN1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x03, 0)

Definition at line 71 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_LNAHPFGAIN2   B43_OFDMTAB(0x04, 0)

Definition at line 73 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_LPFGAIN   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0F, 12)

Definition at line 84 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_MINSIGSQ   B43_OFDMTAB(0x14, 0)

Definition at line 89 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_NOISESCALE   B43_OFDMTAB(0x05, 0)

Definition at line 74 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_PWRDYN2   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0E, 12)

Definition at line 80 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_ROTOR   B43_OFDMTAB(0x08, 0)

Definition at line 76 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_RSSI   B43_OFDMTAB(0x10, 0)

Definition at line 85 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_TSSI   B43_OFDMTAB(0x15, 0)

Definition at line 92 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_UNKNOWN_0F   B43_OFDMTAB(0x0F, 0)

Definition at line 82 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_UNKNOWN_11   B43_OFDMTAB(0x11, 4)

Definition at line 86 of file phy_a.h.


Definition at line 83 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_WRSSI   B43_OFDMTAB(0x04, 0)

Definition at line 72 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_OFDMTAB_WRSSI_R1   B43_OFDMTAB(0x15, 4)

Definition at line 91 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_A_TEMP_SENSE   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x7C) /* A PHY temperature sense */

Definition at line 38 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_ADCCTL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x7A) /* ADC control */

Definition at line 36 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_ADIVRELATED   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x27) /* FIXME rename */

Definition at line 16 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_ANTDWELL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x2B) /* Antenna dwell */

Definition at line 20 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_ANTDWELL_AUTODIV1   0x0100 /* Automatic RX diversity start antenna */

Definition at line 21 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_ANTWRSETT   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x8C) /* Antenna WR settle */

Definition at line 40 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_ANTWRSETT_ARXDIV   0x2000 /* Automatic RX diversity enabled */

Definition at line 41 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_BBANDCFG   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x01) /* Baseband config */

Definition at line 9 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_BBANDCFG_RXANT   0x180 /* RX Antenna selection */

Definition at line 10 of file phy_a.h.


Definition at line 11 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_BBTXDC_BIAS   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x6B) /* Baseband TX DC bias */

Definition at line 28 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CCKSHIFTBITS   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA7) /* FIXME rename */

Definition at line 50 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CCKSHIFTBITS_WA   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA5) /* CCK shiftbits workaround, FIXME rename */

Definition at line 49 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CLIPN1P2THRES   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA4)

Definition at line 48 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CLIPP2THRES   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA9)

Definition at line 52 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CLIPP3THRES   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xAA)

Definition at line 53 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CLIPPWRDOWNT   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x93) /* Clip powerdown threshold */

Definition at line 42 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CLIPTHRES   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA3)

Definition at line 47 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CRS0   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x29)

Definition at line 17 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CRS0_EN   0x4000

Definition at line 18 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CRSTHRES1   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xC0) /* CRS Threshold 1 (phy.rev >= 2 only) */

Definition at line 57 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CRSTHRES1_R1   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x06) /* CRS Threshold 1 (phy.rev 1 only) */

Definition at line 13 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_CRSTHRES2   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xC1) /* CRS Threshold 2 (phy.rev >= 2 only) */

Definition at line 58 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_DC_LTBASE   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x3A0) /* DC lookup table base */

Definition at line 60 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_DIVP1P2GAIN   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xAB)

Definition at line 54 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_DIVSRCHGAINBACK   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xAD) /* Divider search gain back */

Definition at line 55 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_DIVSRCHGAINCHNG   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xAE) /* Divider search gain change */

Definition at line 56 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_DIVSRCHIDX   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA8) /* Divider search gain/index */

Definition at line 51 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_ENCORE   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x49) /* "Encore" (RangeMax / BroadRange) */

Definition at line 22 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_ENCORE_EN   0x0200 /* Encore enable */

Definition at line 23 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_GAIN_LTBASE   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x3C0) /* Gain lookup table base */

Definition at line 61 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_HPWR_TSSICTL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x78) /* Hardware power TSSI control */

Definition at line 35 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_IDLE_TSSI   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x7B)

Definition at line 37 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_IQBAL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x69) /* I/Q balance */

Definition at line 27 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_LMS   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x55)

Definition at line 24 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_LNAHPFCTL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x1C) /* LNA/HPF control */

Definition at line 14 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_LPFGAINCTL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x20) /* LPF Gain control */

Definition at line 15 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_N1N2GAIN   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA2)

Definition at line 46 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_N1P1GAIN   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA0)

Definition at line 44 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_NRSSITHRES   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x8A) /* NRSSI threshold */

Definition at line 39 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_OFDM61   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x61) /* FIXME rename */

Definition at line 25 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_OFDM61_10   0x0010 /* FIXME rename */

Definition at line 26 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_OFDM9B   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x9B) /* FIXME rename */

Definition at line 43 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_OTABLECTL   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x72) /* OFDM table control (see below) */

Definition at line 29 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_OTABLEI   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x73) /* OFDM table data I */

Definition at line 33 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_OTABLENR   0xFC00 /* OFDM table number (see below) */

Definition at line 31 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_OTABLENR_SHIFT   10

Definition at line 32 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_OTABLEOFF   0x03FF /* OFDM table offset (see below) */

Definition at line 30 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_OTABLEQ   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x74) /* OFDM table data Q */

Definition at line 34 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_P1P2GAIN   B43_PHY_OFDM(0xA1)

Definition at line 45 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_PEAK_COUNT   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x30)

Definition at line 19 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_PWRDOWN   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x03) /* Powerdown */

Definition at line 12 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_TSSIP_LTBASE   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x380) /* TSSI power lookup table base */

Definition at line 59 of file phy_a.h.

#define B43_PHY_VERSION_OFDM   B43_PHY_OFDM(0x00) /* Versioning register for A-PHY */

Definition at line 8 of file phy_a.h.

Function Documentation

u16 b43_ofdmtab_read16 ( struct b43_wldev dev,
u16  table,
u16  offset 

Definition at line 379 of file tables.c.

u32 b43_ofdmtab_read32 ( struct b43_wldev dev,
u16  table,
u16  offset 

Definition at line 416 of file tables.c.

void b43_ofdmtab_write16 ( struct b43_wldev dev,
u16  table,
u16  offset,
u16  value 

Definition at line 399 of file tables.c.

void b43_ofdmtab_write32 ( struct b43_wldev dev,
u16  table,
u16  offset,
u32  value 

Definition at line 437 of file tables.c.

void b43_phy_inita ( struct b43_wldev dev)

b43_phy_inita - Lowlevel A-PHY init routine. This is only used by the G-PHY code.

Definition at line 266 of file phy_a.c.

Variable Documentation

struct b43_phy_operations b43_phyops_a

Definition at line 576 of file phy_a.c.