Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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posix_acl.h File Reference
#include <linux/bug.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/rcupdate.h>

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Data Structures

struct  posix_acl_entry
struct  posix_acl


#define ACL_UNDEFINED_ID   (-1)
#define ACL_TYPE_ACCESS   (0x8000)
#define ACL_TYPE_DEFAULT   (0x4000)
#define ACL_USER_OBJ   (0x01)
#define ACL_USER   (0x02)
#define ACL_GROUP_OBJ   (0x04)
#define ACL_GROUP   (0x08)
#define ACL_MASK   (0x10)
#define ACL_OTHER   (0x20)
#define ACL_READ   (0x04)
#define ACL_WRITE   (0x02)
#define ACL_EXECUTE   (0x01)
#define FOREACH_ACL_ENTRY(pa, acl, pe)   for(pa=(acl)->a_entries, pe=pa+(acl)->a_count; pa<pe; pa++)


void posix_acl_init (struct posix_acl *, int)
struct posix_aclposix_acl_alloc (int, gfp_t)
int posix_acl_valid (const struct posix_acl *)
int posix_acl_permission (struct inode *, const struct posix_acl *, int)
struct posix_aclposix_acl_from_mode (umode_t, gfp_t)
int posix_acl_equiv_mode (const struct posix_acl *, umode_t *)
int posix_acl_create (struct posix_acl **, gfp_t, umode_t *)
int posix_acl_chmod (struct posix_acl **, gfp_t, umode_t)
struct posix_aclget_posix_acl (struct inode *, int)
int set_posix_acl (struct inode *, int, struct posix_acl *)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ACL_EXECUTE   (0x01)

Definition at line 32 of file posix_acl.h.

#define ACL_GROUP   (0x08)

Definition at line 25 of file posix_acl.h.

#define ACL_GROUP_OBJ   (0x04)

Definition at line 24 of file posix_acl.h.

#define ACL_MASK   (0x10)

Definition at line 26 of file posix_acl.h.

#define ACL_OTHER   (0x20)

Definition at line 27 of file posix_acl.h.

#define ACL_READ   (0x04)

Definition at line 30 of file posix_acl.h.

#define ACL_TYPE_ACCESS   (0x8000)

Definition at line 18 of file posix_acl.h.

#define ACL_TYPE_DEFAULT   (0x4000)

Definition at line 19 of file posix_acl.h.

#define ACL_UNDEFINED_ID   (-1)

Definition at line 15 of file posix_acl.h.

#define ACL_USER   (0x02)

Definition at line 23 of file posix_acl.h.

#define ACL_USER_OBJ   (0x01)

Definition at line 22 of file posix_acl.h.

#define ACL_WRITE   (0x02)

Definition at line 31 of file posix_acl.h.

#define FOREACH_ACL_ENTRY (   pa,
)    for(pa=(acl)->a_entries, pe=pa+(acl)->a_count; pa<pe; pa++)

Definition at line 57 of file posix_acl.h.

Function Documentation

struct posix_acl* get_posix_acl ( struct inode ,
struct posix_acl* posix_acl_alloc ( int  ,

Definition at line 45 of file posix_acl.c.

int posix_acl_chmod ( struct posix_acl **  ,
gfp_t  ,

Definition at line 405 of file posix_acl.c.

int posix_acl_create ( struct posix_acl **  ,
gfp_t  ,

Definition at line 387 of file posix_acl.c.

int posix_acl_equiv_mode ( const struct posix_acl ,

Definition at line 155 of file posix_acl.c.

struct posix_acl* posix_acl_from_mode ( umode_t  ,

Definition at line 194 of file posix_acl.c.

void posix_acl_init ( struct posix_acl ,

Definition at line 35 of file posix_acl.c.

int posix_acl_permission ( struct inode ,
const struct posix_acl ,

Definition at line 216 of file posix_acl.c.

int posix_acl_valid ( const struct posix_acl )

Definition at line 77 of file posix_acl.c.

int set_posix_acl ( struct inode ,
int  ,
struct posix_acl