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sisusb_init.h File Reference

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#define ModeText   0x00
#define ModeCGA   0x01
#define ModeEGA   0x02
#define ModeVGA   0x03
#define Mode15Bpp   0x04
#define Mode16Bpp   0x05
#define Mode24Bpp   0x06
#define Mode32Bpp   0x07
#define ModeTypeMask   0x07
#define IsTextMode   0x07
#define DACInfoFlag   0x0018
#define MemoryInfoFlag   0x01E0
#define MemorySizeShift   5
#define Charx8Dot   0x0200
#define LineCompareOff   0x0400
#define CRT2Mode   0x0800
#define HalfDCLK   0x1000
#define NoSupportSimuTV   0x2000
#define NoSupportLCDScale   0x4000 /* SiS bridge: No scaling possible (no matter what panel) */
#define DoubleScanMode   0x8000
#define SupportTV   0x0008
#define SupportTV1024   0x0800
#define SupportCHTV   0x0800
#define Support64048060Hz   0x0800 /* Special for 640x480 LCD */
#define SupportHiVision   0x0010
#define SupportYPbPr750p   0x1000
#define SupportLCD   0x0020
#define SupportRAMDAC2   0x0040 /* All (<= 100Mhz) */
#define SupportRAMDAC2_135   0x0100 /* All except DH (<= 135Mhz) */
#define SupportRAMDAC2_162   0x0200 /* B, C (<= 162Mhz) */
#define SupportRAMDAC2_202   0x0400 /* C (<= 202Mhz) */
#define InterlaceMode   0x0080
#define SyncPP   0x0000
#define SyncPN   0x4000
#define SyncNP   0x8000
#define SyncNN   0xc000
#define ProgrammingCRT2   0x0001
#define LowModeTests   0x0002
#define LCDVESATiming   0x0008
#define EnableLVDSDDA   0x0010
#define SetDispDevSwitchFlag   0x0020
#define CheckWinDos   0x0040
#define SetDOSMode   0x0080
#define SIS_RI_320x200   0
#define SIS_RI_320x240   1
#define SIS_RI_320x400   2
#define SIS_RI_400x300   3
#define SIS_RI_512x384   4
#define SIS_RI_640x400   5
#define SIS_RI_640x480   6
#define SIS_RI_800x600   7
#define SIS_RI_1024x768   8
#define SIS_RI_1280x1024   9
#define SIS_RI_1600x1200   10
#define SIS_RI_1920x1440   11
#define SIS_RI_2048x1536   12
#define SIS_RI_720x480   13
#define SIS_RI_720x576   14
#define SIS_RI_1280x960   15
#define SIS_RI_800x480   16
#define SIS_RI_1024x576   17
#define SIS_RI_1280x720   18
#define SIS_RI_856x480   19
#define SIS_RI_1280x768   20
#define SIS_RI_1400x1050   21
#define SIS_RI_1152x864   22 /* Up to here SiS conforming */
#define SIS_RI_848x480   23
#define SIS_RI_1360x768   24
#define SIS_RI_1024x600   25
#define SIS_RI_1152x768   26
#define SIS_RI_768x576   27
#define SIS_RI_1360x1024   28
#define SIS_RI_1680x1050   29
#define SIS_RI_1280x800   30
#define SIS_RI_1920x1080   31
#define SIS_RI_960x540   32
#define SIS_RI_960x600   33
#define SIS_VIDEO_CAPTURE   0x00 - 0x30
#define SIS_VIDEO_PLAYBACK   0x02 - 0x30
#define SIS_CRT2_PORT_04   0x04 - 0x30


int SiSUSBSetMode (struct SiS_Private *SiS_Pr, unsigned short ModeNo)
int SiSUSBSetVESAMode (struct SiS_Private *SiS_Pr, unsigned short VModeNo)
int sisusb_setreg (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, int port, u8 data)
int sisusb_getreg (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, int port, u8 *data)
int sisusb_setidxreg (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, int port, u8 index, u8 data)
int sisusb_getidxreg (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, int port, u8 index, u8 *data)
int sisusb_setidxregandor (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, int port, u8 idx, u8 myand, u8 myor)
int sisusb_setidxregor (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, int port, u8 index, u8 myor)
int sisusb_setidxregand (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, int port, u8 idx, u8 myand)
void sisusb_delete (struct kref *kref)
int sisusb_writeb (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, u32 adr, u8 data)
int sisusb_readb (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, u32 adr, u8 *data)
int sisusb_copy_memory (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, char *src, u32 dest, int length, size_t *bytes_written)
int sisusb_reset_text_mode (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, int init)
int sisusbcon_do_font_op (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, int set, int slot, u8 *arg, int cmapsz, int ch512, int dorecalc, struct vc_data *c, int fh, int uplock)
void sisusb_set_cursor (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, unsigned int location)
int sisusb_console_init (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb, int first, int last)
void sisusb_console_exit (struct sisusb_usb_data *sisusb)
void sisusb_init_concode (void)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define Charx8Dot   0x0200

Definition at line 74 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define CheckWinDos   0x0040

Definition at line 106 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define CRT2Mode   0x0800

Definition at line 76 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define DACInfoFlag   0x0018

Definition at line 69 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define DoubleScanMode   0x8000

Definition at line 80 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define EnableLVDSDDA   0x0010

Definition at line 104 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define HalfDCLK   0x1000

Definition at line 77 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define InterlaceMode   0x0080

Definition at line 94 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define IsTextMode   0x07

Definition at line 67 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define LCDVESATiming   0x0008

Definition at line 103 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define LineCompareOff   0x0400

Definition at line 75 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define LowModeTests   0x0002

Definition at line 102 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define MemoryInfoFlag   0x01E0

Definition at line 70 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define MemorySizeShift   5

Definition at line 71 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define Mode15Bpp   0x04

Definition at line 61 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define Mode16Bpp   0x05

Definition at line 62 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define Mode24Bpp   0x06

Definition at line 63 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define Mode32Bpp   0x07

Definition at line 64 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define ModeCGA   0x01

Definition at line 58 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define ModeEGA   0x02

Definition at line 59 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define ModeText   0x00

Definition at line 57 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define ModeTypeMask   0x07

Definition at line 66 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define ModeVGA   0x03

Definition at line 60 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define NoSupportLCDScale   0x4000 /* SiS bridge: No scaling possible (no matter what panel) */

Definition at line 79 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define NoSupportSimuTV   0x2000

Definition at line 78 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define ProgrammingCRT2   0x0001

Definition at line 101 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SetDispDevSwitchFlag   0x0020

Definition at line 105 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SetDOSMode   0x0080

Definition at line 107 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_CRT2_PORT_04   0x04 - 0x30

Definition at line 147 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1024x576   17

Definition at line 127 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1024x600   25

Definition at line 135 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1024x768   8

Definition at line 118 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1152x768   26

Definition at line 136 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1152x864   22 /* Up to here SiS conforming */

Definition at line 132 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1280x1024   9

Definition at line 119 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1280x720   18

Definition at line 128 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1280x768   20

Definition at line 130 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1280x800   30

Definition at line 140 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1280x960   15

Definition at line 125 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1360x1024   28

Definition at line 138 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1360x768   24

Definition at line 134 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1400x1050   21

Definition at line 131 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1600x1200   10

Definition at line 120 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1680x1050   29

Definition at line 139 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1920x1080   31

Definition at line 141 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_1920x1440   11

Definition at line 121 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_2048x1536   12

Definition at line 122 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_320x200   0

Definition at line 110 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_320x240   1

Definition at line 111 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_320x400   2

Definition at line 112 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_400x300   3

Definition at line 113 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_512x384   4

Definition at line 114 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_640x400   5

Definition at line 115 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_640x480   6

Definition at line 116 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_720x480   13

Definition at line 123 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_720x576   14

Definition at line 124 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_768x576   27

Definition at line 137 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_800x480   16

Definition at line 126 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_800x600   7

Definition at line 117 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_848x480   23

Definition at line 133 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_856x480   19

Definition at line 129 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_960x540   32

Definition at line 142 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_RI_960x600   33

Definition at line 143 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_VIDEO_CAPTURE   0x00 - 0x30

Definition at line 145 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SIS_VIDEO_PLAYBACK   0x02 - 0x30

Definition at line 146 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define Support64048060Hz   0x0800 /* Special for 640x480 LCD */

Definition at line 86 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SupportCHTV   0x0800

Definition at line 85 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SupportHiVision   0x0010

Definition at line 87 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SupportLCD   0x0020

Definition at line 89 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SupportRAMDAC2   0x0040 /* All (<= 100Mhz) */

Definition at line 90 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SupportRAMDAC2_135   0x0100 /* All except DH (<= 135Mhz) */

Definition at line 91 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SupportRAMDAC2_162   0x0200 /* B, C (<= 162Mhz) */

Definition at line 92 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SupportRAMDAC2_202   0x0400 /* C (<= 202Mhz) */

Definition at line 93 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SupportTV   0x0008

Definition at line 83 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SupportTV1024   0x0800

Definition at line 84 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SupportYPbPr750p   0x1000

Definition at line 88 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SyncNN   0xc000

Definition at line 98 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SyncNP   0x8000

Definition at line 97 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SyncPN   0x4000

Definition at line 96 of file sisusb_init.h.

#define SyncPP   0x0000

Definition at line 95 of file sisusb_init.h.

Function Documentation

void sisusb_console_exit ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb)
int sisusb_console_init ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
int  first,
int  last 
int sisusb_copy_memory ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
char src,
u32  dest,
int  length,
size_t bytes_written 
void sisusb_delete ( struct kref kref)

Definition at line 2466 of file sisusb.c.

int sisusb_getidxreg ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
int  port,
u8  index,
u8 data 

Definition at line 1268 of file sisusb.c.

int sisusb_getreg ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
int  port,
u8 data 
void sisusb_init_concode ( void  )
int sisusb_readb ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
u32  adr,
u8 data 
int sisusb_reset_text_mode ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
int  init 
void sisusb_set_cursor ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
unsigned int  location 
int sisusb_setidxreg ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
int  port,
u8  index,
u8  data 

Definition at line 1259 of file sisusb.c.

int sisusb_setidxregand ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
int  port,
u8  idx,
u8  myand 

Definition at line 1312 of file sisusb.c.

int sisusb_setidxregandor ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
int  port,
u8  idx,
u8  myand,
u8  myor 

Definition at line 1277 of file sisusb.c.

int sisusb_setidxregor ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
int  port,
u8  index,
u8  myor 

Definition at line 1306 of file sisusb.c.

int sisusb_setreg ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
int  port,
u8  data 
int sisusb_writeb ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
u32  adr,
u8  data 
int sisusbcon_do_font_op ( struct sisusb_usb_data sisusb,
int  set,
int  slot,
u8 arg,
int  cmapsz,
int  ch512,
int  dorecalc,
struct vc_data c,
int  fh,
int  uplock 
int SiSUSBSetMode ( struct SiS_Private SiS_Pr,
unsigned short  ModeNo 
int SiSUSBSetVESAMode ( struct SiS_Private SiS_Pr,
unsigned short  VModeNo