Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
acpi_hest_generic Struct Reference

#include <actbl1.h>

Data Fields

struct acpi_hest_header header
u16 related_source_id
u8 reserved
u8 enabled
u32 records_to_preallocate
u32 max_sections_per_record
u32 max_raw_data_length
struct acpi_generic_address error_status_address
struct acpi_hest_notify notify
u32 error_block_length

Detailed Description

Definition at line 584 of file actbl1.h.

Field Documentation

u8 enabled

Definition at line 588 of file actbl1.h.

u32 error_block_length

Definition at line 594 of file actbl1.h.

struct acpi_generic_address error_status_address

Definition at line 592 of file actbl1.h.

Definition at line 585 of file actbl1.h.

u32 max_raw_data_length

Definition at line 591 of file actbl1.h.

u32 max_sections_per_record

Definition at line 590 of file actbl1.h.

Definition at line 593 of file actbl1.h.

u32 records_to_preallocate

Definition at line 589 of file actbl1.h.

u16 related_source_id

Definition at line 586 of file actbl1.h.

u8 reserved

Definition at line 587 of file actbl1.h.

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