Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
ccw_driver Struct Reference

#include <ccwdev.h>

Data Fields

struct ccw_device_idids
int(* probe )(struct ccw_device *)
void(* remove )(struct ccw_device *)
int(* set_online )(struct ccw_device *)
int(* set_offline )(struct ccw_device *)
int(* notify )(struct ccw_device *, int)
void(* path_event )(struct ccw_device *, int *)
void(* shutdown )(struct ccw_device *)
int(* prepare )(struct ccw_device *)
void(* complete )(struct ccw_device *)
int(* freeze )(struct ccw_device *)
int(* thaw )(struct ccw_device *)
int(* restore )(struct ccw_device *)
enum uc_todo(* uc_handler )(struct ccw_device *, struct irb *)
struct device_driver driver
enum interruption_class int_class

Detailed Description

struct ccw driver - device driver for channel attached devices : ids supported by this driver : function called on probe : function called on remove : called when setting device online : called when setting device offline : notify driver of device state changes : notify driver of channel path events : called at device shutdown : prepare for pm state transition : undo work done in : callback for freezing during hibernation snapshotting : undo work done in : callback for restoring after hibernation : callback for unit check handler : embedded device driver structure : interruption class to use for accounting interrupts

Definition at line 131 of file ccwdev.h.

Field Documentation

void(* complete)(struct ccw_device *)

Definition at line 141 of file ccwdev.h.

Definition at line 146 of file ccwdev.h.

int(* freeze)(struct ccw_device *)

Definition at line 142 of file ccwdev.h.

Definition at line 132 of file ccwdev.h.

Definition at line 147 of file ccwdev.h.

Definition at line 137 of file ccwdev.h.

void(* path_event)(struct ccw_device *, int *)

Definition at line 138 of file ccwdev.h.

int(* prepare)(struct ccw_device *)

Definition at line 140 of file ccwdev.h.

int(* probe)(struct ccw_device *)

Definition at line 133 of file ccwdev.h.

void(* remove)(struct ccw_device *)

Definition at line 134 of file ccwdev.h.

int(* restore)(struct ccw_device *)

Definition at line 144 of file ccwdev.h.

int(* set_offline)(struct ccw_device *)

Definition at line 136 of file ccwdev.h.

int(* set_online)(struct ccw_device *)

Definition at line 135 of file ccwdev.h.

void(* shutdown)(struct ccw_device *)

Definition at line 139 of file ccwdev.h.

int(* thaw)(struct ccw_device *)

Definition at line 143 of file ccwdev.h.

enum uc_todo(* uc_handler)(struct ccw_device *, struct irb *)

Definition at line 145 of file ccwdev.h.

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