Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
cfg80211_ap_settings Struct Reference

#include <cfg80211.h>

Data Fields

struct ieee80211_channelchannel
enum nl80211_channel_type channel_type
struct cfg80211_beacon_data beacon
int beacon_interval
int dtim_period
const u8ssid
size_t ssid_len
enum nl80211_hidden_ssid hidden_ssid
struct cfg80211_crypto_settings crypto
bool privacy
enum nl80211_auth_type auth_type
int inactivity_timeout

Detailed Description

struct cfg80211_ap_settings - AP configuration

Used to configure an AP interface.

: the channel to start the AP on : the channel type to use : beacon data : beacon interval : DTIM period : SSID to be used in the BSS (note: may be NULL if not provided from user space) : length of : whether to hide the SSID in Beacon/Probe Response frames : crypto settings : the BSS uses privacy : Authentication type (algorithm) : time in seconds to determine station's inactivity.

Definition at line 443 of file cfg80211.h.

Field Documentation

enum nl80211_auth_type auth_type

Definition at line 455 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 447 of file cfg80211.h.

int beacon_interval

Definition at line 449 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 444 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 445 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 453 of file cfg80211.h.

int dtim_period

Definition at line 449 of file cfg80211.h.

enum nl80211_hidden_ssid hidden_ssid

Definition at line 452 of file cfg80211.h.

int inactivity_timeout

Definition at line 456 of file cfg80211.h.

bool privacy

Definition at line 454 of file cfg80211.h.

const u8* ssid

Definition at line 450 of file cfg80211.h.

size_t ssid_len

Definition at line 451 of file cfg80211.h.

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