Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
dvb_usb_adapter_fe_properties Struct Reference

#include <dvb-usb.h>

Data Fields

int caps
int pid_filter_count
int(* streaming_ctrl )(struct dvb_usb_adapter *, int)
int(* pid_filter_ctrl )(struct dvb_usb_adapter *, int)
int(* pid_filter )(struct dvb_usb_adapter *, int, u16, int)
int(* frontend_attach )(struct dvb_usb_adapter *)
int(* tuner_attach )(struct dvb_usb_adapter *)
struct usb_data_stream_properties stream
int size_of_priv

Detailed Description

struct dvb_usb_adapter_properties - properties of a dvb-usb-adapter. A DVB-USB-Adapter is basically a dvb_adapter which is present on a USB-device. : capabilities of the DVB USB device. : number of PID filter position in the optional hardware PID-filter. : number of frontends of the DVB USB adapter. : called to power on/off active frontend. : called to start and stop the MPEG2-TS streaming of the device (not URB submitting/killing). : called to en/disable the PID filter, if any. : called to set/unset a PID for filtering. : called to attach the possible frontends (fill fe-field of struct dvb_usb_device). : called to attach the correct tuner and to fill pll_addr, pll_desc and pll_init_buf of struct dvb_usb_device). : configuration of the USB streaming

Definition at line 139 of file dvb-usb.h.

Field Documentation

int caps

Definition at line 145 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* frontend_attach)(struct dvb_usb_adapter *)

Definition at line 152 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* pid_filter)(struct dvb_usb_adapter *, int, u16, int)

Definition at line 150 of file dvb-usb.h.

int pid_filter_count

Definition at line 146 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* pid_filter_ctrl)(struct dvb_usb_adapter *, int)

Definition at line 149 of file dvb-usb.h.

int size_of_priv

Definition at line 157 of file dvb-usb.h.

Definition at line 155 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* streaming_ctrl)(struct dvb_usb_adapter *, int)

Definition at line 148 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* tuner_attach)(struct dvb_usb_adapter *)

Definition at line 153 of file dvb-usb.h.

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