Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
dvb_usb_device_properties Struct Reference

#include <dvb-usb.h>

Data Fields

int caps
int usb_ctrl
int(* download_firmware )(struct usb_device *, const struct firmware *)
const charfirmware
int no_reconnect
int size_of_priv
int num_adapters
struct dvb_usb_adapter_properties adapter [MAX_NO_OF_ADAPTER_PER_DEVICE]
int(* power_ctrl )(struct dvb_usb_device *, int)
int(* read_mac_address )(struct dvb_usb_device *, u8[])
int(* identify_state )(struct usb_device *, struct dvb_usb_device_properties *, struct dvb_usb_device_description **, int *)
struct {
   enum dvb_usb_mode   mode
   struct dvb_rc_legacy   legacy
   struct dvb_rc   core
struct i2c_algorithmi2c_algo
int generic_bulk_ctrl_endpoint
int generic_bulk_ctrl_endpoint_response
int num_device_descs
struct dvb_usb_device_description devices [12]
const chardriver_name
struct moduleowner
u8 bInterfaceNumber
unsigned int size_of_priv
u8 generic_bulk_ctrl_endpoint
u8 generic_bulk_ctrl_endpoint_response
unsigned int generic_bulk_ctrl_delay
unsigned int num_adapters
int(* get_adapter_count )(struct dvb_usb_device *)
int(* read_config )(struct dvb_usb_device *d)
int(* frontend_attach )(struct dvb_usb_adapter *)
int(* tuner_attach )(struct dvb_usb_adapter *)
int(* frontend_ctrl )(struct dvb_frontend *, int)
int(* streaming_ctrl )(struct dvb_frontend *, int)
int(* init )(struct dvb_usb_device *)
void(* exit )(struct dvb_usb_device *)
int(* get_rc_config )(struct dvb_usb_device *, struct dvb_usb_rc *)
int(* get_stream_config )(struct dvb_frontend *, u8 *, struct usb_data_stream_properties *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 261 of file dvb-usb.h.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 278 of file dvb-usb.h.

short* adapter_nr

Definition at line 232 of file dvb_usb.h.

u8 bInterfaceNumber

Definition at line 234 of file dvb_usb.h.

int caps

Definition at line 264 of file dvb-usb.h.

struct dvb_rc core

Definition at line 288 of file dvb-usb.h.

Definition at line 297 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* download_firmware)(struct dvb_usb_device *, const struct firmware *)

Definition at line 271 of file dvb-usb.h.

const char* driver_name

Definition at line 230 of file dvb_usb.h.

Definition at line 261 of file dvb_usb.h.

Definition at line 272 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* frontend_attach)(struct dvb_usb_adapter *)

Definition at line 256 of file dvb_usb.h.

int(* frontend_ctrl)(struct dvb_frontend *, int)

Definition at line 258 of file dvb_usb.h.

unsigned int generic_bulk_ctrl_delay

Definition at line 238 of file dvb_usb.h.

u8 generic_bulk_ctrl_endpoint

Definition at line 236 of file dvb_usb.h.

int generic_bulk_ctrl_endpoint

Definition at line 293 of file dvb-usb.h.

u8 generic_bulk_ctrl_endpoint_response

Definition at line 237 of file dvb_usb.h.

int generic_bulk_ctrl_endpoint_response

Definition at line 294 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* get_adapter_count)(struct dvb_usb_device *)

Definition at line 251 of file dvb_usb.h.

int(* get_rc_config)(struct dvb_usb_device *, struct dvb_usb_rc *)

Definition at line 262 of file dvb_usb.h.

int(* get_stream_config)(struct dvb_frontend *, u8 *, struct usb_data_stream_properties *)

Definition at line 266 of file dvb_usb.h.

struct i2c_algorithm * i2c_algo

Definition at line 291 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* identify_state)(struct dvb_usb_device *, const char **)

Definition at line 282 of file dvb-usb.h.

Definition at line 260 of file dvb_usb.h.

Definition at line 287 of file dvb-usb.h.

enum dvb_usb_mode mode

Definition at line 286 of file dvb-usb.h.

int no_reconnect

Definition at line 273 of file dvb-usb.h.

unsigned int num_adapters

Definition at line 250 of file dvb_usb.h.

int num_adapters

Definition at line 277 of file dvb-usb.h.

int num_device_descs

Definition at line 296 of file dvb-usb.h.

struct module* owner

Definition at line 231 of file dvb_usb.h.

int(* power_ctrl)(struct dvb_usb_device *, int)

Definition at line 280 of file dvb-usb.h.

struct { ... } rc
int(* read_config)(struct dvb_usb_device *d)

Definition at line 254 of file dvb_usb.h.

int(* read_mac_address)(struct dvb_usb_adapter *, u8[])

Definition at line 281 of file dvb-usb.h.

unsigned int size_of_priv

Definition at line 235 of file dvb_usb.h.

int size_of_priv

Definition at line 275 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* streaming_ctrl)(struct dvb_frontend *, int)

Definition at line 259 of file dvb_usb.h.

int(* tuner_attach)(struct dvb_usb_adapter *)

Definition at line 257 of file dvb_usb.h.

int usb_ctrl

Definition at line 270 of file dvb-usb.h.

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