Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
dvb_usb_fe_adapter Struct Reference

#include <dvb-usb.h>

Data Fields

struct dvb_frontendfe
int(* fe_init )(struct dvb_frontend *)
int(* fe_sleep )(struct dvb_frontend *)
struct usb_data_stream stream
int pid_filtering
int max_feed_count

Detailed Description

struct dvb_usb_adapter - a DVB adapter on a USB device : index of this adapter (starting with 0).

: number of reqested feeds (used for streaming-activation) : is hardware pid_filtering used or not.

: I2C address of the tuner for programming : array containing the initialization buffer : pointer to the appropriate struct dvb_pll_desc : called to (de)activate tuner passthru of the demod or the board

: device's dvb_adapter. : device's dmxdev. : device's software demuxer. : device's dvb_net interfaces. : device's frontend. : how many feeds can be handled simultaneously by this device

: rerouted frontend-init (wakeup) function. : rerouted frontend-sleep function.

: the usb data stream.

Definition at line 358 of file dvb-usb.h.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 359 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* fe_init)(struct dvb_frontend *)

Definition at line 361 of file dvb-usb.h.

int(* fe_sleep)(struct dvb_frontend *)

Definition at line 362 of file dvb-usb.h.

int max_feed_count

Definition at line 367 of file dvb-usb.h.

int pid_filtering

Definition at line 366 of file dvb-usb.h.

Definition at line 369 of file dvb-usb.h.

Definition at line 364 of file dvb-usb.h.

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