Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
gigaset_ops Struct Reference

#include <gigaset.h>

Data Fields

int(* write_cmd )(struct cardstate *cs, struct cmdbuf_t *cb)
int(* write_room )(struct cardstate *cs)
int(* chars_in_buffer )(struct cardstate *cs)
int(* brkchars )(struct cardstate *cs, const unsigned char buf[6])
int(* init_bchannel )(struct bc_state *bcs)
int(* close_bchannel )(struct bc_state *bcs)
int(* initbcshw )(struct bc_state *bcs)
void(* freebcshw )(struct bc_state *bcs)
void(* reinitbcshw )(struct bc_state *bcs)
int(* initcshw )(struct cardstate *cs)
void(* freecshw )(struct cardstate *cs)
int(* set_modem_ctrl )(struct cardstate *cs, unsigned old_state, unsigned new_state)
int(* baud_rate )(struct cardstate *cs, unsigned cflag)
int(* set_line_ctrl )(struct cardstate *cs, unsigned cflag)
int(* send_skb )(struct bc_state *bcs, struct sk_buff *skb)
void(* handle_input )(struct inbuf_t *inbuf)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 563 of file gigaset.h.

Field Documentation

int(* baud_rate)(struct cardstate *cs, unsigned cflag)

Definition at line 600 of file gigaset.h.

int(* brkchars)(struct cardstate *cs, const unsigned char buf[6])

Definition at line 571 of file gigaset.h.

int(* chars_in_buffer)(struct cardstate *cs)

Definition at line 570 of file gigaset.h.

int(* close_bchannel)(struct bc_state *bcs)

Definition at line 579 of file gigaset.h.

void(* freebcshw)(struct bc_state *bcs)

Definition at line 585 of file gigaset.h.

void(* freecshw)(struct cardstate *cs)

Definition at line 594 of file gigaset.h.

void(* handle_input)(struct inbuf_t *inbuf)

Definition at line 610 of file gigaset.h.

int(* init_bchannel)(struct bc_state *bcs)

Definition at line 575 of file gigaset.h.

int(* initbcshw)(struct bc_state *bcs)

Definition at line 582 of file gigaset.h.

int(* initcshw)(struct cardstate *cs)

Definition at line 591 of file gigaset.h.

void(* reinitbcshw)(struct bc_state *bcs)

Definition at line 588 of file gigaset.h.

int(* send_skb)(struct bc_state *bcs, struct sk_buff *skb)

Definition at line 606 of file gigaset.h.

int(* set_line_ctrl)(struct cardstate *cs, unsigned cflag)

Definition at line 601 of file gigaset.h.

int(* set_modem_ctrl)(struct cardstate *cs, unsigned old_state, unsigned new_state)

Definition at line 598 of file gigaset.h.

int(* write_cmd)(struct cardstate *cs, struct cmdbuf_t *cb)

Definition at line 566 of file gigaset.h.

int(* write_room)(struct cardstate *cs)

Definition at line 569 of file gigaset.h.

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