Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
hrtimer Struct Reference

#include <hrtimer.h>

Data Fields

struct timerqueue_node node
ktime_t _softexpires
enum hrtimer_restart(* function )(struct hrtimer *)
struct hrtimer_clock_basebase
unsigned long state

Detailed Description

struct hrtimer - the basic hrtimer structure : timerqueue node, which also manages node.expires, the absolute expiry time in the hrtimers internal representation. The time is related to the clock on which the timer is based. Is setup by adding slack to the _softexpires value. For non range timers identical to _softexpires. : the absolute earliest expiry time of the hrtimer. The time which was given as expiry time when the timer was armed. : timer expiry callback function : pointer to the timer base (per cpu and per clock) : state information (See bit values above) : timer statistics field to store the site where the timer was started : timer statistics field to store the name of the process which started the timer : timer statistics field to store the pid of the task which started the timer

The hrtimer structure must be initialized by hrtimer_init()

Definition at line 108 of file hrtimer.h.

Field Documentation

ktime_t _softexpires

Definition at line 110 of file hrtimer.h.

Definition at line 112 of file hrtimer.h.

enum hrtimer_restart(* function)(struct hrtimer *)

Definition at line 111 of file hrtimer.h.

Definition at line 109 of file hrtimer.h.

unsigned long state

Definition at line 113 of file hrtimer.h.

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