Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
ib_mad_send_buf Struct Reference

#include <ib_mad.h>

Data Fields

struct ib_mad_send_bufnext
struct ib_mad_agentmad_agent
struct ib_ahah
voidcontext [2]
int hdr_len
int data_len
int seg_count
int seg_size
int timeout_ms
int retries

Detailed Description

ib_mad_send_buf - MAD data buffer and work request for sends. : A pointer used to chain together MADs for posting. : References an allocated MAD data buffer for MADs that do not have RMPP active. For MADs using RMPP, references the common and management class specific headers. : MAD agent that allocated the buffer. : The address handle to use when sending the MAD. : User-controlled context fields. : Indicates the size of the data header of the MAD. This length includes the common MAD, RMPP, and class specific headers. : Indicates the total size of user-transferred data. : The number of RMPP segments allocated for this send. : Size of each RMPP segment. : Time to wait for a response. : Number of times to retry a request for a response. For MADs using RMPP, this applies per window. On completion, returns the number of retries needed to complete the transfer.

Users are responsible for initializing the MAD buffer itself, with the exception of any RMPP header. Additional segment buffer space allocated beyond data_len is padding.

Definition at line 247 of file ib_mad.h.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 251 of file ib_mad.h.

Definition at line 252 of file ib_mad.h.

int data_len

Definition at line 254 of file ib_mad.h.

int hdr_len

Definition at line 253 of file ib_mad.h.

void* mad

Definition at line 249 of file ib_mad.h.

struct ib_mad_agent* mad_agent

Definition at line 250 of file ib_mad.h.

Definition at line 248 of file ib_mad.h.

int retries

Definition at line 258 of file ib_mad.h.

int seg_count

Definition at line 255 of file ib_mad.h.

int seg_size

Definition at line 256 of file ib_mad.h.

int timeout_ms

Definition at line 257 of file ib_mad.h.

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