Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
ide_port_ops Struct Reference

#include <ide.h>

Data Fields

void(* init_dev )(ide_drive_t *)
void(* set_pio_mode )(struct hwif_s *, ide_drive_t *)
void(* set_dma_mode )(struct hwif_s *, ide_drive_t *)
int(* reset_poll )(ide_drive_t *)
void(* pre_reset )(ide_drive_t *)
void(* resetproc )(ide_drive_t *)
void(* maskproc )(ide_drive_t *, int)
void(* quirkproc )(ide_drive_t *)
void(* clear_irq )(ide_drive_t *)
int(* test_irq )(struct hwif_s *)
u8(* mdma_filter )(ide_drive_t *)
u8(* udma_filter )(ide_drive_t *)
u8(* cable_detect )(struct hwif_s *)

Detailed Description

struct ide_port_ops - IDE port operations

: host specific initialization of a device : routine to program host for PIO mode : routine to program host for DMA mode : chipset polling based on hba specifics : chipset specific changes to default for device-hba resets : routine to reset controller after a disk reset : special host masking for drive selection : check host's drive quirk list : clear IRQ

: filter MDMA modes : filter UDMA modes

: detect cable type

Definition at line 625 of file ide.h.

Field Documentation

u8(* cable_detect)(struct hwif_s *)

Definition at line 640 of file ide.h.

void(* clear_irq)(ide_drive_t *)

Definition at line 634 of file ide.h.

void(* init_dev)(ide_drive_t *)

Definition at line 626 of file ide.h.

void(* maskproc)(ide_drive_t *, int)

Definition at line 632 of file ide.h.

u8(* mdma_filter)(ide_drive_t *)

Definition at line 637 of file ide.h.

void(* pre_reset)(ide_drive_t *)

Definition at line 630 of file ide.h.

void(* quirkproc)(ide_drive_t *)

Definition at line 633 of file ide.h.

int(* reset_poll)(ide_drive_t *)

Definition at line 629 of file ide.h.

void(* resetproc)(ide_drive_t *)

Definition at line 631 of file ide.h.

void(* set_dma_mode)(struct hwif_s *, ide_drive_t *)

Definition at line 628 of file ide.h.

void(* set_pio_mode)(struct hwif_s *, ide_drive_t *)

Definition at line 627 of file ide.h.

int(* test_irq)(struct hwif_s *)

Definition at line 635 of file ide.h.

u8(* udma_filter)(ide_drive_t *)

Definition at line 638 of file ide.h.

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