Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
ieee80211_rate Struct Reference

#include <cfg80211.h>

Data Fields

u32 flags
u16 bitrate
u16 hw_value
u16 hw_value_short

Detailed Description

struct ieee80211_rate - bitrate definition

This structure describes a bitrate that an 802.11 PHY can operate with. The two values and are only for driver use when pointers to this structure are passed around.

: rate-specific flags : bitrate in units of 100 Kbps : driver/hardware value for this rate : driver/hardware value for this rate when short preamble is used

ath5k_hw_get_frame_duration() - Get tx time of a frame : The &struct ath5k_hw : Frame's length in bytes : The : Indicate short preample

Calculate tx duration of a frame given it's rate and length It extends ieee80211_generic_frame_duration for non standard bwmodes.

Definition at line 191 of file cfg80211.h.

Field Documentation

u16 bitrate

Definition at line 193 of file cfg80211.h.

u32 flags

Definition at line 192 of file cfg80211.h.

u16 hw_value

Definition at line 194 of file cfg80211.h.

u16 hw_value_short

Definition at line 194 of file cfg80211.h.

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