Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
irq_domain Struct Reference

#include <irqdomain.h>

Data Fields

struct list_head link
unsigned int revmap_type
union {
   struct {
      unsigned int   size
      unsigned int   first_irq
      irq_hw_number_t   first_hwirq
   }   legacy
   struct {
      unsigned int   size
      unsigned int *   revmap
   }   linear
   struct {
      unsigned int   max_irq
   }   nomap
   struct radix_tree_root   tree
struct irq_domain_opsops
irq_hw_number_t inval_irq
struct device_nodeof_node

Detailed Description

struct irq_domain - Hardware interrupt number translation object Element in global irq_domain list. : Method used for reverse mapping hwirq numbers to linux irq. This will be one of the IRQ_DOMAIN_MAP_* values. : Revmap method specific data. : pointer to irq_domain methods : private data pointer for use by owner. Not touched by irq_domain core code. : Start of irq_desc range assigned to the irq_domain. The creator of the irq_domain is responsible for allocating the array of irq_desc structures. : Number of irqs managed by the irq domain : Starting number for hwirqs managed by the irq domain : (optional) Pointer to device tree nodes associated with the irq_domain. Used when decoding device tree interrupt specifiers.

Definition at line 86 of file irqdomain.h.

Field Documentation

irq_hw_number_t first_hwirq

Definition at line 95 of file irqdomain.h.

unsigned int first_irq

Definition at line 94 of file irqdomain.h.

Definition at line 107 of file irqdomain.h.

irq_hw_number_t inval_irq

Definition at line 108 of file irqdomain.h.

struct { ... } legacy
struct { ... } linear

Definition at line 87 of file irqdomain.h.

unsigned int max_irq

Definition at line 102 of file irqdomain.h.

struct { ... } nomap
struct device_node* of_node

Definition at line 111 of file irqdomain.h.

Definition at line 106 of file irqdomain.h.

unsigned int* revmap

Definition at line 99 of file irqdomain.h.

union { ... } revmap_data
unsigned int revmap_type

Definition at line 90 of file irqdomain.h.

unsigned int size

Definition at line 93 of file irqdomain.h.

Definition at line 104 of file irqdomain.h.

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