Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
kset Struct Reference

#include <kobject.h>

Data Fields

struct list_head list
spinlock_t list_lock
struct kobject kobj
struct kset_uevent_opsuevent_ops

Detailed Description

struct kset - a set of kobjects of a specific type, belonging to a specific subsystem.

A kset defines a group of kobjects. They can be individually different "types" but overall these kobjects all want to be grouped together and operated on in the same manner. ksets are used to define the attribute callbacks and other common events that happen to a kobject.

: the list of all kobjects for this kset : a lock for iterating over the kobjects : the embedded kobject for this kset (recursion, isn't it fun...) : the set of uevent operations for this kset. These are called whenever a kobject has something happen to it so that the kset can add new environment variables, or filter out the uevents if so desired.

Definition at line 159 of file kobject.h.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 162 of file kobject.h.

Definition at line 160 of file kobject.h.

spinlock_t list_lock

Definition at line 161 of file kobject.h.

struct kset_uevent_ops* uevent_ops

Definition at line 163 of file kobject.h.

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