Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
msm_otg Struct Reference

#include <msm_hsusb.h>

Data Fields

struct usb_phy phy
struct msm_otg_platform_datapdata
int irq
struct clkclk
struct clkpclk
struct clkpclk_src
struct clkphy_reset_clk
struct clkcore_clk
void __iomemregs
unsigned long inputs
struct work_struct sm_work
atomic_t in_lpm
int async_int
unsigned cur_power
struct delayed_work chg_work
enum usb_chg_state chg_state
enum usb_chg_type chg_type
u8 dcd_retries

Detailed Description

struct msm_otg: OTG driver data. Shared by HCD and DCD. : USB OTG Transceiver structure. : otg device platform data. : IRQ number assigned for HSUSB controller. : clock struct of usb_hs_clk. : clock struct of usb_hs_pclk. : pclk source for voting. : clock struct of usb_phy_clk. : clock struct of usb_hs_core_clk. : ioremapped register base address. : OTG state machine inputs(Id, SessValid etc). : OTG state machine work. : indicates low power mode (LPM) state. : Async interrupt arrived. : The amount of mA available from downstream port. : Charger detection work. : The state of charger detection process. : The type of charger attached. : The retry count used to track Data contact detection process.

Definition at line 162 of file msm_hsusb.h.

Field Documentation

int async_int

Definition at line 177 of file msm_hsusb.h.

enum usb_chg_state chg_state

Definition at line 180 of file msm_hsusb.h.

enum usb_chg_type chg_type

Definition at line 181 of file msm_hsusb.h.

struct delayed_work chg_work

Definition at line 179 of file msm_hsusb.h.

Definition at line 166 of file msm_hsusb.h.

struct clk* core_clk

Definition at line 170 of file msm_hsusb.h.

unsigned cur_power

Definition at line 178 of file msm_hsusb.h.

u8 dcd_retries

Definition at line 182 of file msm_hsusb.h.

atomic_t in_lpm

Definition at line 176 of file msm_hsusb.h.

unsigned long inputs

Definition at line 174 of file msm_hsusb.h.

int irq

Definition at line 165 of file msm_hsusb.h.

struct clk* pclk

Definition at line 167 of file msm_hsusb.h.

struct clk* pclk_src

Definition at line 168 of file msm_hsusb.h.

Definition at line 164 of file msm_hsusb.h.

Definition at line 163 of file msm_hsusb.h.

struct clk* phy_reset_clk

Definition at line 169 of file msm_hsusb.h.

Definition at line 171 of file msm_hsusb.h.

Definition at line 175 of file msm_hsusb.h.

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