Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
ngene_command Struct Reference

#include <ngene.h>

Data Fields

u32 in_len
u32 out_len
union {
   u32   raw [64]
   u8   raw8 [256]
   struct FW_HEADER   hdr
   struct FW_I2C_WRITE   I2CWrite
   struct FW_I2C_CONTINUE_WRITE   I2CContinueWrite
   struct FW_I2C_READ   I2CRead
   struct FW_STREAM_CONTROL   StreamControl
   struct FW_FWLOAD_PREPARE   FWLoadPrepare
   struct FW_FWLOAD_FINISH   FWLoadFinish
   struct FW_MEM_READ   MemoryRead
   struct FW_MEM_WRITE   MemoryWrite
   struct FW_SFR_IRAM_READ   SfrIramRead
   struct FW_SFR_IRAM_WRITE   SfrIramWrite
   struct FW_SPI_WRITE   SPIWrite
   struct FW_SPI_READ   SPIRead
   struct FW_SET_GPIO_PIN   SetGpioPin
   struct FW_SET_GPIO_INT   SetGpioInt
   struct FW_SET_DEBUGMODE   SetDebugMode
   struct FW_CONFIGURE_BUFFERS   ConfigureBuffers
   struct FW_CONFIGURE_FREE_BUFFERS   ConfigureFreeBuffers
   struct FW_CONFIGURE_UART   ConfigureUart
   struct FW_WRITE_UART   WriteUart

Detailed Description

Definition at line 438 of file ngene.h.

Field Documentation

union { ... } cmd
struct FW_CONFIGURE_BUFFERS ConfigureBuffers

Definition at line 460 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_CONFIGURE_FREE_BUFFERS ConfigureFreeBuffers

Definition at line 461 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_CONFIGURE_UART ConfigureUart

Definition at line 462 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_FWLOAD_FINISH FWLoadFinish

Definition at line 450 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_FWLOAD_PREPARE FWLoadPrepare

Definition at line 449 of file ngene.h.

Definition at line 444 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_I2C_CONTINUE_WRITE I2CContinueWrite

Definition at line 446 of file ngene.h.

Definition at line 447 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_I2C_WRITE I2CWrite

Definition at line 445 of file ngene.h.

u32 in_len

Definition at line 439 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_MEM_READ MemoryRead

Definition at line 451 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_MEM_WRITE MemoryWrite

Definition at line 452 of file ngene.h.

u32 out_len

Definition at line 440 of file ngene.h.

u32 raw[64]

Definition at line 442 of file ngene.h.

u8 raw8[256]

Definition at line 443 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_SET_DEBUGMODE SetDebugMode

Definition at line 459 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_SET_GPIO_INT SetGpioInt

Definition at line 458 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_SET_GPIO_PIN SetGpioPin

Definition at line 457 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_SFR_IRAM_READ SfrIramRead

Definition at line 453 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_SFR_IRAM_WRITE SfrIramWrite

Definition at line 454 of file ngene.h.

Definition at line 456 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_SPI_WRITE SPIWrite

Definition at line 455 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_STREAM_CONTROL StreamControl

Definition at line 448 of file ngene.h.

struct FW_WRITE_UART WriteUart

Definition at line 463 of file ngene.h.

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