Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
omap_hwmod_class_sysconfig Struct Reference

#include <omap_hwmod.h>

Data Fields

u32 rev_offs
u32 sysc_offs
u32 syss_offs
u16 sysc_flags
struct omap_hwmod_sysc_fieldssysc_fields
u8 srst_udelay
u8 idlemodes
u8 clockact

Detailed Description

struct omap_hwmod_class_sysconfig - hwmod class OCP_SYS* data : IP block revision register offset (from module base addr) : OCP_SYSCONFIG register offset (from module base addr) : OCP_SYSSTATUS register offset (from module base addr) : Delay needed after doing a softreset in usecs : One or more of {SIDLE,MSTANDBY}_{OFF,FORCE,SMART} : SYS{C,S}_HAS* flags indicating SYSCONFIG bits supported : the default value of the module CLOCKACTIVITY bits

describes to the module which clocks are likely to be disabled when the PRCM issues its idle request to the module. Some modules have separate clockdomains for the interface clock and main functional clock, and can check whether they should acknowledge the idle request based on the internal module functionality that has been associated with the clocks marked in . This field is only used if HWMOD_SET_DEFAULT_CLOCKACT is set (see below)

: structure containing the offset positions of various bits in SYSCONFIG register. This can be populated using omap_hwmod_sysc_type1 or omap_hwmod_sysc_type2 defined in omap_hwmod_common_data.c depending on whether the device ip is compliant with the original PRCM protocol defined for OMAP2420 or the new PRCM protocol for new OMAP4 IPs. If the device follows a different scheme for the sysconfig register , then this field has to be populated with the correct offset structure.

Definition at line 352 of file omap_hwmod.h.

Field Documentation

u8 clockact

Definition at line 360 of file omap_hwmod.h.

u8 idlemodes

Definition at line 359 of file omap_hwmod.h.

u32 rev_offs

Definition at line 353 of file omap_hwmod.h.

u8 srst_udelay

Definition at line 358 of file omap_hwmod.h.

Definition at line 357 of file omap_hwmod.h.

u16 sysc_flags

Definition at line 356 of file omap_hwmod.h.

u32 sysc_offs

Definition at line 354 of file omap_hwmod.h.

u32 syss_offs

Definition at line 355 of file omap_hwmod.h.

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