Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
pcf857x_platform_data Struct Reference

#include <pcf857x.h>

Data Fields

unsigned gpio_base
unsigned n_latch
int(* setup )(struct i2c_client *client, int gpio, unsigned ngpio, void *context)
int(* teardown )(struct i2c_client *client, int gpio, unsigned ngpio, void *context)
int irq

Detailed Description

struct pcf857x_platform_data - data to set up pcf857x driver : number of the chip's first GPIO : optional bit-inverse of initial register value; if you leave this initialized to zero the driver will act like the chip was just reset : optional callback issued once the GPIOs are valid : optional callback issued before the GPIOs are invalidated : optional parameter passed to setup() and teardown() : optional interrupt number

In addition to the I2C_BOARD_INFO() state appropriate to each chip, the i2c_board_info used with the pcf875x driver must provide its platform_data (pointer to one of these structures) with at least the gpio_base value initialized.

The callback may be used with the kind of board-specific glue which hands the (now-valid) GPIOs to other drivers, or which puts devices in their initial states using these GPIOs.

These GPIO chips are only "quasi-bidirectional"; read the chip specs to understand the behavior. They don't have separate registers to record which pins are used for input or output, record which output values are driven, or provide access to input values. That must be inferred by reading the chip's value and knowing the last value written to it. If you leave n_latch initialized to zero, that last written value is presumed to be all ones (as if the chip were just reset).

Definition at line 32 of file pcf857x.h.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 42 of file pcf857x.h.

unsigned gpio_base

Definition at line 33 of file pcf857x.h.

int irq

Definition at line 44 of file pcf857x.h.

unsigned n_latch

Definition at line 34 of file pcf857x.h.

int(* setup)(struct i2c_client *client, int gpio, unsigned ngpio, void *context)

Definition at line 36 of file pcf857x.h.

int(* teardown)(struct i2c_client *client, int gpio, unsigned ngpio, void *context)

Definition at line 39 of file pcf857x.h.

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