Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
regulatory_request Struct Reference

#include <regulatory.h>

Data Fields

int wiphy_idx
enum nl80211_reg_initiator initiator
enum nl80211_user_reg_hint_type user_reg_hint_type
char alpha2 [2]
u8 dfs_region
bool intersect
bool processed
enum environment_cap country_ie_env
struct list_head list

Detailed Description

struct regulatory_request - used to keep track of regulatory requests

: this is set if this request's initiator is REGDOM_SET_BY_COUNTRY_IE or REGDOM_SET_BY_DRIVER. This can be used by the wireless core to deal with conflicts and potentially inform users of which devices specifically cased the conflicts. : indicates who sent this request, could be any of of those set in nl80211_reg_initiator (NL80211_REGDOM_SET_BY_*) : the ISO / IEC 3166 alpha2 country code of the requested regulatory domain. We have a few special codes: 00 - World regulatory domain 99 - built by driver but a specific alpha2 cannot be determined 98 - result of an intersection between two regulatory domains 97 - regulatory domain has not yet been configured : If CRDA responded with a regulatory domain that requires DFS master operation on a known DFS region (NL80211_DFS_*), dfs_region represents that region. Drivers can use this and the to adjust their device's DFS parameters as required. : if the was of type NL80211_REGDOM_SET_BY_USER, this classifies the type of hint passed. This could be any of the NL80211_USER_REG_HINT_* types. : indicates whether the wireless core should intersect the requested regulatory domain with the presently set regulatory domain. : indicates whether or not this requests has already been processed. When the last request is processed it means that the currently regulatory domain set on cfg80211 is updated from CRDA and can be used by other regulatory requests. When a the last request is not yet processed we must yield until it is processed before processing any new requests. : checksum of the last processed and accepted country IE : lets us know if the AP is telling us we are outdoor, indoor, or if it doesn't matter : used to insert into the reg_requests_list linked list

Definition at line 74 of file regulatory.h.

Field Documentation

char alpha2[2]

Definition at line 78 of file regulatory.h.

enum environment_cap country_ie_env

Definition at line 82 of file regulatory.h.

u8 dfs_region

Definition at line 79 of file regulatory.h.

enum nl80211_reg_initiator initiator

Definition at line 76 of file regulatory.h.

bool intersect

Definition at line 80 of file regulatory.h.

Definition at line 83 of file regulatory.h.

bool processed

Definition at line 81 of file regulatory.h.

enum nl80211_user_reg_hint_type user_reg_hint_type

Definition at line 77 of file regulatory.h.

int wiphy_idx

Definition at line 75 of file regulatory.h.

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