Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
sas_domain_function_template Struct Reference

#include <libsas.h>

Data Fields

void(* lldd_port_formed )(struct asd_sas_phy *)
void(* lldd_port_deformed )(struct asd_sas_phy *)
int(* lldd_dev_found )(struct domain_device *)
void(* lldd_dev_gone )(struct domain_device *)
int(* lldd_execute_task )(struct sas_task *, int num, gfp_t gfp_flags)
int(* lldd_abort_task )(struct sas_task *)
int(* lldd_abort_task_set )(struct domain_device *, u8 *lun)
int(* lldd_clear_aca )(struct domain_device *, u8 *lun)
int(* lldd_clear_task_set )(struct domain_device *, u8 *lun)
int(* lldd_I_T_nexus_reset )(struct domain_device *)
int(* lldd_ata_check_ready )(struct domain_device *)
void(* lldd_ata_set_dmamode )(struct domain_device *)
int(* lldd_lu_reset )(struct domain_device *, u8 *lun)
int(* lldd_query_task )(struct sas_task *)
int(* lldd_clear_nexus_port )(struct asd_sas_port *)
int(* lldd_clear_nexus_ha )(struct sas_ha_struct *)
int(* lldd_control_phy )(struct asd_sas_phy *, enum phy_func, void *)
int(* lldd_write_gpio )(struct sas_ha_struct *, u8 reg_type, u8 reg_index, u8 reg_count, u8 *write_data)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 660 of file libsas.h.

Field Documentation

int(* lldd_abort_task)(struct sas_task *)

Definition at line 673 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_abort_task_set)(struct domain_device *, u8 *lun)

Definition at line 674 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_ata_check_ready)(struct domain_device *)

Definition at line 678 of file libsas.h.

void(* lldd_ata_set_dmamode)(struct domain_device *)

Definition at line 679 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_clear_aca)(struct domain_device *, u8 *lun)

Definition at line 675 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_clear_nexus_ha)(struct sas_ha_struct *)

Definition at line 685 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_clear_nexus_port)(struct asd_sas_port *)

Definition at line 684 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_clear_task_set)(struct domain_device *, u8 *lun)

Definition at line 676 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_control_phy)(struct asd_sas_phy *, enum phy_func, void *)

Definition at line 688 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_dev_found)(struct domain_device *)

Definition at line 666 of file libsas.h.

void(* lldd_dev_gone)(struct domain_device *)

Definition at line 667 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_execute_task)(struct sas_task *, int num, gfp_t gfp_flags)

Definition at line 669 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_I_T_nexus_reset)(struct domain_device *)

Definition at line 677 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_lu_reset)(struct domain_device *, u8 *lun)

Definition at line 680 of file libsas.h.

void(* lldd_port_deformed)(struct asd_sas_phy *)

Definition at line 663 of file libsas.h.

void(* lldd_port_formed)(struct asd_sas_phy *)

Definition at line 662 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_query_task)(struct sas_task *)

Definition at line 681 of file libsas.h.

int(* lldd_write_gpio)(struct sas_ha_struct *, u8 reg_type, u8 reg_index, u8 reg_count, u8 *write_data)

Definition at line 691 of file libsas.h.

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