Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
super_block Struct Reference

#include <fs.h>

Data Fields

struct list_head s_list
dev_t s_dev
unsigned char s_blocksize_bits
unsigned long s_blocksize
loff_t s_maxbytes
struct file_system_types_type
struct super_operationss_op
struct dquot_operationsdq_op
struct quotactl_opss_qcop
struct export_operationss_export_op
unsigned long s_flags
unsigned long s_magic
struct dentrys_root
struct rw_semaphore s_umount
int s_count
atomic_t s_active
struct xattr_handler ** s_xattr
struct list_head s_inodes
struct hlist_bl_head s_anon
struct list_head s_files
struct list_head s_mounts
struct list_head s_dentry_lru
int s_nr_dentry_unused
spinlock_t s_inode_lru_lock ____cacheline_aligned_in_smp
struct list_head s_inode_lru
int s_nr_inodes_unused
struct block_devices_bdev
struct backing_dev_infos_bdi
struct mtd_infos_mtd
struct hlist_node s_instances
struct quota_info s_dquot
struct sb_writers s_writers
char s_id [32]
u8 s_uuid [16]
unsigned int s_max_links
fmode_t s_mode
u32 s_time_gran
struct mutex s_vfs_rename_mutex
char __rcus_options
struct dentry_operationss_d_op
int cleancache_poolid
struct shrinker s_shrink
atomic_long_t s_remove_count
int s_readonly_remount

Detailed Description

struct ubifs_info - UBIFS file-system description data structure (per-superblock). : VFS : backing device info object to make VFS happy and disable read-ahead

: highest used inode number : current global sequence number : commit number of the last successfully completed commit, protected by : protects and counters : UBIFS on-flash format version : R/O compatibility version : UUID from super block

: log head logical eraseblock number : log head offset : log tail logical eraseblock number (offset is always 0) : protects the log, , , , and : minimum required number of bytes in the log : used during commit to temporarily amount of bytes in committed buds

: tree of all buds indexed by bud LEB number : how many bytes of flash is used by buds : protects the tree, , and per-journal head bud lists : count of journal heads : journal heads (head zero is base head) : maximum number of bytes allowed in buds : number of bud bytes when background commit is initiated : buds to be released after commit ends : maximum number of buds

: synchronizes committer with other processes : commit state : commit state lock : wait queue to sleep on if the log is full and a commit is running

: flag that LPT is too big to write whole during commit : flag indicating that free space in LEBs needs to be cleaned up : do not check CRCs when reading data nodes (except during recovery) : enable bulk-reads : default compression algorithm (UBIFS_COMPR_LZO, etc) : the media is not R/W compatible

: protects the Tree Node Cache (TNC), , , , and : zbranch which points to the root index node and znode : next znode to commit : next znode to commit to empty space : array of LEBs used by the in-gaps commit method : commit buffer : buffer for commit in-the-gaps method : length of data in ileb_buf : LEB number of index head : offset of index head : pre-allocated index LEBs : number of pre-allocated index LEBs : next pre-allocated index LEBs : tree of index nodes obsoleted since the last commit start : a buffer which is used by 'dirty_cow_bottom_up()' in tnc.c

: master node : offset of valid master node : protects the master node area, , and

: maximum bulk-read buffer length : protects the pre-allocated bulk-read buffer and ->bu : pre-allocated bulk-read information

: protects : on the write path we allocate memory, which might sometimes be unavailable, in which case we use this write reserve buffer

: number of logical eraseblocks in the log : log size in bytes : last LEB of the log : number of LEBs used for lprops table : first LEB of the lprops table area : last LEB of the lprops table area : number of LEBs used for the orphan area : first LEB of the orphan area : last LEB of the orphan area : count of LEBs in the main area : first LEB of the main area : main area size in bytes

: type of the key hash : direntry key hash function : key format : key length : fanout of the index tree (number of links per indexing node)

: minimal input/output unit size : number of bits in minus one : maximum amount of bytes the underlying flash can write at a time (MTD write buffer size) : number of bits in minus one : logical eraseblock size in bytes : starting offset of logical eraseblocks within physical eraseblocks : half LEB size : how many bytes of an LEB are effectively available when it is used to store indexing nodes ( - ) : count of logical eraseblocks : maximum count of logical eraseblocks : count of logical eraseblocks before re-size : the underlying UBI volume is read-only : the file-system was mounted as read-only : UBIFS switched to R/O mode because an error happened

: number of dirty pages (not used) : number of dirty znodes : number of clean znodes

: protects and : lprops statistics : budgeting information : temporary variable which is used to calculate new index size (contains accurate new index size at end of TNC commit start)

: size of the LEB reference node aligned to the min. flash I/O unit : master node aligned size : minimum indexing node aligned on 8-bytes boundary : maximum indexing node aligned on 8-bytes boundary : maximum possible inode size in bytes : size of znode in bytes

: how many bytes are wasted in an LEB when it is filled with data nodes of maximum size - used in free space reporting : LEB dead space watermark : LEB dark space watermark : count of 4KiB blocks on the FS

: UBIFS node length ranges : UBI volume descriptor : UBI device information : UBI volume information

: rb-tree of orphan inode numbers : list of orphan inode numbers in order added : list of orphan inode numbers added since last commit : next orphan to commit : next orphan to delete : lock for orph_tree and orph_new : buffer for orphan nodes : number of orphans since last commit : number of orphans being committed : number of orphans in the rb_tree : maximum number of orphans allowed : orphan head LEB number : orphan head offset : non-zero if there are no orphans

: UBIFS background thread : background thread name : if background thread should run : if write-buffers have to be synchronized

: LEB number used for garbage collection : a buffer of LEB size used by GC and replay for scanning : list of index LEBs that have been garbage collected : number of elements on the idx_gc list : incremented for every non-index LEB garbage collected : last non-index LEB that was garbage collected

: links all 'ubifs_info' objects : serializes shrinker and un-mount : shrinker run number

: number of bits needed to record free or dirty space : number of bits needed to record a LEB number in the LPT : number of bits needed to record an offset in the LPT : number of bits needed to space in the LPT : number of bits needed to record pnode or nnode number : number of bits needed to record LEB number : size of on-flash nnode : size of on-flash pnode : size of on-flash LPT lprops table : size of on-flash LPT save table : number of pnodes : number of nnodes : height of the LPT : number of pnodes in memory

: protects lprops table and all the other lprops-related fields : LEB number of the root nnode of the LPT : offset of the root nnode of the LPT : LEB number of LPT head : offset of LPT head : dirty flags for LPT special nodes e.g. ltab : number of dirty nnodes : number of dirty pnodes : flag that indicates LPT GC may be needed : LPT size : buffer for an on-flash nnode or pnode : buffer of LEB size used by LPT : address in memory of the root nnode of the LPT : next LPT node to commit : array of heaps of categorized lprops : a (reverse sorted) copy of the LPROPS_DIRTY_IDX heap as at previous commit start : list of un-categorized LEBs : list of empty LEBs : list of freeable non-index LEBs (free + dirty == ) : list of freeable index LEBs (free + dirty == ) : number of freeable LEBs in : count of lprops which are in a certain category, which basically meants that they were loaded from the flash

: LEB number of LPT's own lprops table : offset of LPT's own lprops table : LPT's own lprops table : LPT's own lprops table (commit copy) : number of LEB numbers in LPT's save table : LEB number of LPT's save table : offset of LPT's save table : LPT's save table : LEB number of last LPT scan

: size of the reserved pool in bytes : size of the reserved pool reported to user-space : reserved pool user ID : reserved pool group ID

: %1 if the UBI device is empty : %1 if the file-system needs recovery : %1 during journal replay : %1 while mounting : %1 while re-mounting from R/O mode to R/W mode : temporary list used during journal replay : list of buds to replay : sequence number of first node in the log (commit start node) : sequence number of node currently being replayed : LEBs to recover when re-mounting R/O mounted FS to R/W mode : recovered master node to write when re-mounting R/O mounted FS to R/W mode : inode size information for recovery : UBIFS-specific mount options

: debugging-related information

Definition at line 1231 of file fs.h.

Field Documentation

spinlock_t s_inode_lru_lock ____cacheline_aligned_in_smp

Definition at line 1266 of file fs.h.

int cleancache_poolid

Definition at line 1311 of file fs.h.

Definition at line 1239 of file fs.h.

atomic_t s_active

Definition at line 1247 of file fs.h.

Definition at line 1254 of file fs.h.

Definition at line 1270 of file fs.h.

Definition at line 1271 of file fs.h.

unsigned long s_blocksize

Definition at line 1235 of file fs.h.

unsigned char s_blocksize_bits

Definition at line 1234 of file fs.h.

int s_count

Definition at line 1246 of file fs.h.

Definition at line 1306 of file fs.h.

struct list_head s_dentry_lru

Definition at line 1262 of file fs.h.

dev_t s_dev

Definition at line 1233 of file fs.h.

struct quota_info s_dquot

Definition at line 1274 of file fs.h.

struct export_operations* s_export_op

Definition at line 1241 of file fs.h.

struct list_head s_files

Definition at line 1258 of file fs.h.

unsigned long s_flags

Definition at line 1242 of file fs.h.

void* s_fs_info

Definition at line 1281 of file fs.h.

char s_id[32]

Definition at line 1278 of file fs.h.

struct list_head s_inode_lru

Definition at line 1267 of file fs.h.

struct list_head s_inodes

Definition at line 1253 of file fs.h.

struct hlist_node s_instances

Definition at line 1273 of file fs.h.

struct list_head s_list

Definition at line 1232 of file fs.h.

unsigned long s_magic

Definition at line 1243 of file fs.h.

unsigned int s_max_links

Definition at line 1282 of file fs.h.

loff_t s_maxbytes

Definition at line 1236 of file fs.h.

fmode_t s_mode

Definition at line 1283 of file fs.h.

struct list_head s_mounts

Definition at line 1260 of file fs.h.

struct mtd_info* s_mtd

Definition at line 1272 of file fs.h.

int s_nr_dentry_unused

Definition at line 1263 of file fs.h.

int s_nr_inodes_unused

Definition at line 1268 of file fs.h.

Definition at line 1238 of file fs.h.

char __rcu* s_options

Definition at line 1305 of file fs.h.

Definition at line 1240 of file fs.h.

int s_readonly_remount

Definition at line 1319 of file fs.h.

atomic_long_t s_remove_count

Definition at line 1316 of file fs.h.

struct dentry* s_root

Definition at line 1244 of file fs.h.

struct shrinker s_shrink

Definition at line 1313 of file fs.h.

char* s_subtype

Definition at line 1299 of file fs.h.

u32 s_time_gran

Definition at line 1287 of file fs.h.

Definition at line 1237 of file fs.h.

struct rw_semaphore s_umount

Definition at line 1245 of file fs.h.

u8 s_uuid[16]

Definition at line 1279 of file fs.h.

struct mutex s_vfs_rename_mutex

Definition at line 1293 of file fs.h.

struct sb_writers s_writers

Definition at line 1276 of file fs.h.

struct xattr_handler** s_xattr

Definition at line 1251 of file fs.h.

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